Side effect question.

You’re less ignorant than me, that’s for sure. I neither design yoyos nor am an engineering student (although it should be stated: designing a yoyo doesn’t make you a physics master, and nor does being a student of a field make you all-knowing in that field… and that’s not a dig at you; I do think you’re more inclined to know more than me about physics and engineering in general!). There are CERTAINLY no apologies needed.

I should make it clear: it becomes a habit to present each post as a continuation of the previous ones; these are all observations based on what I think of as logical sense, but are not actually scientifically tested facts. It’s easy for me to say “No, the extra weight is ADDED, not moved, so spin time won’t decrease” when what is really meant is, “The extra weight is ADDED, not moved, so I can’t think of a logical reason that spin time would actually decrease. It makes sense to me that you’re actually still gaining spin time.”

It’s safe to assume that even when it sounds like I’m presenting facts, what I’m presenting are conclusions I’ve drawn from available information. They could still be refuted. When I present my conclusions this way, I’m actually prepared for and expecting evidence to the contrary that could make my point invalid. :wink:

what about mini disk?

On the way to me right now. I also don’t have any Sakuras, brass disks or mini disks, or aluminum Deitzs.

If you somehow feel you like how it plays better with something other than stock side effects, then you’ve found the combo that works for you.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Sorry if I sounded rude I have nothing against you,
I’m curious though, I wanna shoot a professional an email and see what his/her input is(OD or Duncan or soemthing). I was always under this impression, but it may just be my arrogance haha

Besides this, I’m actually looking to pick up some side effects soon. I am very fond of customizable and modular products.

Nah, wasn’t offended at all. Glad for the discourse.