Heavy vs. Light yoyos

First, I’ll say this: I am a medium fast speed player, and advanced. My Benchmark is 66 grams with spike side effects that it comes with, and I want to get brass ultra lights. They will raise the weight to 68 grams, and I just don’t know what will happen if I change them. I could also put regular (non-brass) super lights, which will drop the weight to 65, so after all of this bantering, my question is: 65 vs. 68 grams? What would bringing the weight up or down do?

From what I understand from my high school physics knowledge as well as yoyoing in general, Light weight = faster play but less stability and spin times, while heavier weight = the opposite: slower play but longer spins and stability. Since the weight will be added to the center of the yoyo and not the rims, the weight will have less “leverage” since it is close to the center of gravity. this means the stability and spin times won’t be affected much, but the speed will change noticeably. I don’t have much experience with side effects but theoretically, this all makes sense to me. somebody please correct me If I am mistaken.

For me personally? I would stick to the spikes or put in ULs. Spikes or ULs are my side effects of choice. I would almost never intentionally go heavier. I’m not trying to win a 1-minute combo contest, so if I lose 5 seconds off my combo (not likely… your precision is more of a factor than the yoyo’s inherent spin time!) it’s not a big deal.

I love the Werrd Pacquiao at 49g, so I’m still waiting for more manufacturers to jump on the 50-60g zone. :wink:

That said, I do love some 68+g yoyos. I just don’t usually go out of my way for them.

so you are saying that I should put in regular ultra lights?

Mutant DNA is a fave of mine and from what I remember it’s 75g. I like heavy and light yoyos, but for some reason, some just feel to play fast, regardless of their weight. I also have some light yoyos which seem sluggish. This bothers me. It doesn’t make sense.


Sorry, yes that’s what I’m saying. :slight_smile:

I can’t ever seem to get my benchmark to go as fast as the diffusion, and there s only a 1 gram difference between them, the diffusion being at 65g and the benchmark at 66g. I’m leaning towards the ultra lights because they will drop the benchmark to 65. Also, could it be the bearing? I have a crucial groove in the benchmark, and the yyr DS bearing in the diffusion.

“Speed” in play or speed of spin? It seems like you mean speed in play, which will not factor the bearing in at all. A better bearing won’t allow a yoyo to pivot around your finger with any more speed.

Sorry, I mean speed of play. My real question was: is the one gram difference really what makes the diffusion faster?

Not the only thing, but a major contributing factor. The speed to the end of the string on a throw will also give you differing momentum and “attitude” toward play. But let’s say you’ve just thrown a breakaway and from a “sleeping” breakaway you just wanted to see how fast you could bring it up for some Lindy Loops or pinwheels… mainly the 1g weight difference is what’s factoring in here.

Note that bearings have weight, too. I’m not sure that all weight measurements factor that in.

Only way to know the true difference between the two is with a precise and reliable scale. :wink:

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I dont go by stats listed on YYE, as I’ve found a good amount are wrong… I use the extremely accurate scales in my APchemistry class and measure yoyos after class, and I’ve found some yoyos to be almost a full gram heavier or lighter than their stats say.

Weight definitely impacts the speed of the yoyos play. Shape and weight distribution will also impact it’s play though. I’ve found that bigger yoyos like the diffusion tend to play faster even though they can be the same weight of something smaller.

^ As Sparhawk mentioned, there are numerous factors involved in the speed of an individual yoyo. The biggest factor of course being the player themselves. Here’s what Petr Aminev can do with the giant, 68g Yoyorecreation Dreadnaught:

That being said, when it comes to yoyos of the same design, reducing the weight will usually increase it’s ability to be pushed faster. For instance, look at any 6061 yoyos that have a 7075 version, and you’ll notice that the heavier 7075’s end up playing heavier and slower.

As far as side effects go, I swapped the spikes in my Onedrop Chik with ultralights and it definately made it play faster, but I didn’t really like the feel quite as much so I switched back.

My advice would be this; if you finances allow, just buy all the different side effects you’ve mentioned and try them out. You’ll only know what works for you if you feel it yourself, and side effects aren’t very expensive, so why not just give it a try?

So what did you not like about the ultra lights in the OD Chik?

I can’t really put my finger on it, it just felt a little… ‘off’ to me. The Chik is already a fast yoyo and with the ultralights it just took that light feeling a bit too far for my liking. It also seemed to slightly affect the stability a bit to me… I don’t know if the physics back up that claim so it might all have been in my head but it definately seemed that way to me.

That being said that’s just me, for anyone who loves lighter yoyos they might have loved it, but I’m normally a fan of slightly heavier yoyos. :slight_smile:

I put on regular ultralights (from my Summit) and my Benchmark H became so incredibly light that I changed them back instantly. I think they are shipped with the SEs that work the best for them.

Would you say that the stock benchmark is floaty? I don’t really have the funds to buy other yoyos, so I haven’t experienced yoyos that people say are floaty…So I just wanted your opinion on that. Do you think that I should get brass ultra lights to raise the weight to 68g? Also, does having ultralights in create more room for fingerspins?

The type of SE won’t affect the fingerspin ability. The “seat” that SEs push into are the same on every SE yoyo… except one that I saw an (accidental?) teaser for…

With spikes you can matador to fingerspin, and with Ultra Lights, you can do what I heard someone refer to as “ghetto matador” whereby your thumb and forefinger fingernail go into the through-hole.

Do you know a good video of that or something? I just want an example :slight_smile: it sounds cool.

Of ghetto matador? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. I can make one for you. :wink:

You can do it with other through-hole yoyos, too, like the Valor and a fleet of YYFs.