i find a lot of people on the forums say they are faster with a light weight throw (X<67)
I myself find that I am much faster with a heavier throw (X>67)
Can anyone else relate with me on this?
What is your expriance when it comes to weight and speed?

You are probably a slow player then. A light throw is uncontrollable, so it would be going faster than you could handle. Just a guess.

stuart what you said sounds preposterous

Idk, I really don’t consider myself to be a “slow” player.
Those extra couple grams just really helps me minipulate speed and movement.
A light throw feels like Im trying to swing a balloon around

I agreed with Garrett.
With the extra weight, there’s that extra momentum when you speed up and it tends to stay fast.
Like watching a lot of pros, Like Luis, throwing the Genesis 7075 at worlds, it was 68g I believe. and he was wickkkked fast.
lighter yoyos to me float around and tend to give me more of a slow feel due to the “cloud” feel.

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the lighter a yoyo is, the faster it will accelerate. This is generally a fact. There are some small differences the weight distribution can make, but the overall weight has a much larger effect. Heavier yoyos have more oomph, which might possibly translate to more speed.

When you move a yoyo around, the force is primarily provided by either your arm or your wrist/finger.
When a yoyo picks up speed, it either rebounds off a string or is pulled along a string.
Arm/Pull: Ryota Ogi
Arm/Bounce:Marcus Koh, Paul Kerbel and to a lesser extent Iori Yamaki
Wrist/Pull: Shinya Kido
Wrist/Bounce: Hiroyuki Suzuki
Note that wrist accelerators are often also bounce accelerators due to the limited movement range of the wrists and fingers, and those who are exceptions typically have structurally simpler tricks.
Bounce accelerators usually prefer heavier/solid yoyos to amplify the reflexion by every string hit which is their primary source of control. Pull-types often want their yoyos stick close to the string and move swiftly along with it, hence lighter or more floaty yoyos.

I think you are onto something, I never thought to break it down like this but I am def what you would call a “bounce accelerator” I incoorerate a lot of violent string reflections into my combos.

What I was saying, alecto

I tend to think that there is no real way of thinking this. I push harder/move faster (with hands, not necessarily yoyo will do this) with a heavier yoyo, but do the opposite with light. But light would technically go faster

tl:dr too many variables into deciding this

I completely understand what you were trying to say, and I wouldn’t call it “preposterous” but regarding to me I would say it’s incorrect.
I am by no means slow with a light throw, I a, simply fastER with a heavier throw

Easily one of the most accurate, insightful explanations I have ever read on any yoyo forum I have ever visited.

That explanation is ‘Professor’ level stuff.



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Faster spin or trick land? I don’t understand what you mean by faster.

Not RPM related.
Fast meaning trick and combo speed.

Oh gotcha. I got faster with metals too, as some plastics I use I’ll throw them and I’ve spinning them too fast and the forces cause it to turn funny or just loose momentum. Like I feel like I’m better with my 888 as it’s a smaller but heavy throw.

To go fast doesn’t necessarily mean to do a speed combo…

I agree with the OP, I find it easier to go faster with a heavier yoyo. Just after I get it started because then the momentum takes over.

Lighter is faster for direction changes and reacts easier. Heavier yoyos stay fast longer and hold their momentum more.

I can do horizontal skin the gerbil faster than any other trick.
I do it mostly with a: (new) Superstar, Horizon, and a Mo-vitation
The Horizon and Superstar I do more because I like the oomph I get when I hit the strings and allows me to regain control.
The MO is faster by a mile, but I have a harder time controlling the powah.
I can see where the question arrises from

Light yoyos speed up faster but heavy yoyos take less effort to keep going fast.

What about Draupnirs? I tried one and it was uncontrollably fast.