Do you preferens light or heavy throws?

Titel says it all

But good form mandates that you say it again in the body to ensure it was read.

I prefer heavier. My favorite at the moment is my Code 2 with disc side effects. It’s over 71 grams. Been also playing my Chaser(almost 74 grams) and my b-grade Mutant DNA(over 73 grams).

I like heavier throws that play light on the string.

i like a little heavy, gives a way more solid feel when doing certain tricks.

The Sleipnir is somewhat like that!
I just got 2
And it’s interesting.
Feels much heavier than 65g
And plays much lighter!

I like my Sasquatch so I guess I prefer heavier throws. I think it depends on what I feel like throwing at that time. Sometimes I feel like throwing something that feels lighter on the string

That’s what I’m sayin’. My Sleipnir is my go to throw right now. I don’t understand how a yoyo could spin for so long and play light as a feather on the string. So fast! So stable! It’s amazing. I might even go as far as saying it’s the best competition yoyo ever. But I haven’t tried a Gleipnir yet, it’s supposed to be like a Sleipnir that spins even longer!

I prefer slow. Usually that means heavy, but I’m down for a lighter throw as long as it isn’t speedy.

I think size factors into this as well. Some of my undersized are around 63g but feel heavier then some of my throws that are bigger but are around 66 -67g.

Keeping that in mind i like my cascade the best for size and weight. I just love the shape and everything about it. It fits my hand really nicely. If i was a pro, this would be my signature yoyo. Its like it was meant for me. But we are all different with hand sizes and preferences so this is just mine. The cascade for me is in the middle of floaty and heavy. Not too much and not to little on either.

Generally sightly heavier yoyos. More importantly that weight, in my opinion, is how powerful of a spin the yoyo has. The more powerful the spin, the better.

Mostly heavier throws. I like a more solid feel on a throw which for me helps me sense the movement and gain better control in abrupt direction changes.

Kinda funny that everyone so far prefers a heavy throw. I personally like lighter yoyos to the slightly middle of the spectrum. One of my favorites is the X3 la Goutte which is light and fast and the DEADLY SpINS Wrath proto which is in the middle in weight and in play. The prduction run probably plays lighter which I’m going to go crazy for.

65 grams for me. Right in the middle.

I prefer somewhere between 65 and 67 grams.

I generally like a lighter yoyo in the 64g-67g range. My second run Chief at 65g plays so well. but my Next Level and Radian are both a little heavier and play great too.

I love light.

Am I the only one that doesn’t really care as long as the weight distributed well… (Obviously the weight must be within reason.)

no, youre not the only one :smiley:

i agree, except i have a slightly broader range: 63-67 grams

I have a Gleipnir as well!
It’s fatter in the hand, and the thing about it is, it feels… Lighter and floaty

It’s the exact opposite feeling of the Sleipnir! It’s rather odd!

The clash is extremely Solid.
Like lead solid. Hardcore play

And Overdrive is so light you don’t feel it on the string!