Weights and your Opinion

What is the average weight along with what is CONSIDERED light, heavy, aka?
What is your preferred weight, comfortable, or used more?

I just recently got back into yoyoing and I’m just a beginner so correct me if I’m wrong. I feel like its hard to determine what effect weight has on the yoyo sometimes. I got the superstar-protostar bundle on YYE and have been playing with these two yoyos for over a month now. Although on paper the two are only .4 grams apart, the superstar feels much much heavier when I’m playing with it. I think because the shape and many other factors affect how the yoyo plays that its hard to single out what effect the weight has on the yoyo. So when I’m looking at yoyos, the weight doesn’t really mean much to me, and I don’t have a preferred weight. (possibly because I haven’t tried that many yoyos, and I only have 2 with me atm) I would like to try the draupnir or leo sniper that are significantly lighter and see how they play differently, but unfortunatley those are too expensive for me atm :frowning:

But to answer the question more directly, I play with mostly 67g yoyos currently, which I think are average just based on the yoyos I’ve browsed in the shop.

My yoyos center around 65.5-66.5g. I typically dont care about >67.5g yoyos regardless of how ‘‘light’’ they are in play. Sold my Phenom quickly

Most yo-yos seem to fall somewhere between 63g and 69g. I prefer the yo-yos on the right side of the weight spectrum. The yo-yos that are heavier appeal to me the most. There are exceptions to the rule though, because some yo-yos are actually lighter, but play heavier than their weight suggests. So, while weight is an indication of whether I’m likely to enjoy something, I never completely rule out the lighter throws. I have been surprised on occasion (Exit 8 ).

My preference is generally from 66-68g, but it can vary depending on the shape and distribution of the throw

Typically prefer lighter yoyos (63-65)… even right down to the 49g Werrd Pacquiao.

However, been getting some joy lately out of the 2014 Genesis and Square Wheels Nomad, which are yoyos considered on the somewhat heavier side. Then one of my favourite yoyos of all of the times is the OD Valor, at a very middle-weight 66g.

Since I start up again I have tended to like the lighter yoyos then I picked up the berserker SS and I love it. It feels quite substantial on the string and seems to bounce less than say the OD 14 V (which is also great). So I guess it’s always a good idea to keep an open mind and try stuff out.

sometimes im on the fence, kinda what TA said,giving the shape,diameter and weight distribution,some with a light weight can sometimes fall from the hand pretty hard.and even some heavier ones have that precise management that it feels very very floaty. but that being said i enjoy 64-67 kinda towards the light side of the “spectrum” as TA put it. i feel more control of the yoyo at those weights,but if you take something like the MFD-G2 CO-lab,which weighs in as a 69,it doesnt feel that heavy at all,it plays pretty light, low and behold,great weight distribution. :wink: :wink:

In my mind I consider:

Light - 64g or less
Mid - 65g-66g
Heavy - 67g or more

Personally I’m a fan of heavier throws myself. I think 69g+ would be pushing it but the 67g-68g range seems to be the sweet spot to me for that solid feel and great performance.

Obviously there are exceptions to this, and there are light throws that I really enjoy, but I tend to like my throws with a bit more heft to them. :slight_smile:

Light under 63
Mid weight 64 to 66
Heavy 67 to 69

See, so many differences in opinion, I love it

Light- 65>

Mid- 66-67

Heavy- <68

I usually gravitate towards under 66 grams. There are exceptions though. The 66g chief just seem sluggish to me, but the Elysian and sasquatch (67 g) are great for me.