What is the best yoyo weight?

I was wondering what all of you guys thought the best weight for a yoyo was. If you also have specs for an entire yoyo that would be interesting to. I really like yoyos around 65 Grams

If youre asking what THE best weight is : there is none, it’s up to personal preference

If you are asking what WE think is a favorable weight in OUR OPINION : hmmmm… probably 66-68. I like them heavier, but I’m fine with lighter ones as long as the distribution is solid.

Thanks Patrick I will try and clear up any confusion. I’m looking to see what your personal preference of the yoyo weight would be. Like if you were to make a yoyo how heavy would it be?

This always depend on who you are asking.

For me… The lighter the better.

i like hefty yoyos
maybe like 67g+

Any weight as long as it is stable and has weight disturbution on both sides.

65-67 grams.

I like pretty much any weight as long as it will move fast.

I love the speedmaker which is only like 61 grams, but I also love the peak even though its 67.5.

I also like the counterattack…and that thing is 69 lol

66 grams seems to be average for slightly undersize yoyos declared “floaty”. I tend to like larger heavier yoyos. Different size needs different weight to play well… and even that depends on how you like them to play… also the ammount of rim versus center weight differs for different throws and preferences.

There is no perfect yoyo configuration, just perfect for YOU.

Having said that… most 1A yoyos that are well loved seem to fall into the mid-weight undersize format, ie. Diameter around 50mm, width around 41mm, weight around 66g, gap around 4.75mm, C size bearing, deep (eg silicon or flowgroove or k-pad response), and medium to high rim weight. Eg. Onedrop y-factor, YYF DV888, 888x etc…

Keep in mind that most of the folk who opine on such things are young enough to still be growing, so they’ll prefer undersize, underweight throws due to smaller hands and less strength. I hate these damn kids that are better than me (lol) but they know something about yoyoing. If you’re older and larger, or like to play slower, you may find increased size and weight more your style.

For counterweight play the yoyos tend to be larger and slightly heavier. Offstring tends towards much larger, not much heavier. Other formats, the perfect yoyo differs significantly. Looping particularly tends to want lighter throws, as does any responsive style.

So there’s no perfect yoyo weight… just perfect for you. And if you get good you’ll learn that the different personalities of each throw (which is weight, response, distribution, shape and wotnot) are all lovable in their own way.

For me, it would be how it plays. If it’s extremely H-Shaped, then it’ll play really heavy, no matter the weight.

A totally equal thickness rounded one will play lighter.

If the thickness of the yoyo is equal then the yoyo will play sluggish. Like a rock.

I like any weight as long as its not something really heavy like 70 grams.

61-70g I dont like anything lighter or heavier

Really? Whoops… but you know what I mean… if it’s shaped in a particular way, then it might be super heavy, but play light and fast.

i dont know :-\

i love my superstar and that is 69g but i also love how light the minute feels because it is 61g

Personally, I’m a fan of 70+ gram throws.

I deffinitly prefer heavier yoyos. Around 67-70 grams is just right for me.

i don’t know.

i love the yoyo anyway they are. . . :-\

I really enjoy from 63-67 Grams.