The perfect weight for a yoyo


It seems that the magic range of weight for a yoyo is between 64g and 68g.

Is there something about this weight category that makes it ideal for yoyos?

Or is it just that once most yoyos are made within that range then anything heavier feels too heavy and anything lighter feels too light.


I have a 137g yoyo and I can absolutely tell you that is too heavy :weight_lifting_man:

Is there a “sweet spot” for weight? Probably, though it might vary by person, as people also vary in size in weight quite a bit.


To give you an example, I love the Crucible. It is much more sensitive to movements than my heavier yoyos, and allows for a different type/style of play.

But I hate that it make the rest of my collection feel too heavy.


I’d also say responsives should be somewhat lighter than unresponsives, though I couldn’t pin down exactly why… I guess it makes more sense in terms of looping, imagine looping a 67g yo-yo?

(mgodzilla) #5

for my preference - 70 grams is the ‘perfect’ weight.

the gyroscopic effect or not spinnin’ true on its’ intended axis seems to be countered by the yoyo’s weight.

and 70 gees is the sweet spot for me :yum:


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(ClockMonsterLA) #6

For me, ideal weight is between 62g and 65g depending on the yoyo’s overall design.


The weight distribution makes a big difference in how it feels on the string. A more rim weighted throw feels much heavier and more sluggish with direction changes. So, it’s highly variable. 63-64g for rim weighted throws or 65-66g for more mid weight throws seems to be my desired range.

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I’ve played yoyos ~50g (Crucible) and ~68g (Abduction) that are fantastic for different reasons. And of course, the Float, which is right in the middle at 59.5g.


65-70 grams for me, I like heavier yoyos though.


I think for the most part where the weight is placed is more important than how much weight up to the extremes