Light or Heavy?

This is subjective, but what do you prefer?

I’m realizing that I love the way lighter throws play. Or throws that are designed to play lighter with their attentive weight distribution.

I usualy prefer heavier throw but every once and awhile its fun to mess around with a nice floaty plastic

In general, light makes me smile more. But heavy is my choice when I really must eliminate as many “player errors” as possible… heavier throws TEND to be more stable and longer-spinning, though obviously that’s not a hard and fast rule.

When I want to learn the basics of a new trick fast, I go for mid- or full-sized heavy throws.

Every other time, I seem to reach for light throws.

I like heavy-steady throws better

I prefer heavier. I like the weight on the string and increased string presence. The fact that I get longer spin times doesn’t hurt either.

Light. Yoyos like the Uragment and Draupnir have shown what’s possible with a light yoyo. No need to be heaving 68g+ around just to get good play.

Depends. If I were at a contest, I would use a Light. When I make tricks heavy, but not necessarily heavy. A max of 68. My lightest and favorite yoyo would be, no one saw this one coming as my favorite if you have seen some of my other posts, a Spin Dynamics Smooth Move! :smiley:

I used to like lighter throws but I’ve leaning towards the mid-heavy range lately… Around 66-68g

I like mid

Mid light I think. Haven’t played around with too many heavy throws.

mid, kinda verging on the lighter weight (65g - 63g). Feels more floaty, which suits my style.

Although my favorite yoyo that I have is the messiah which is heavy and small, I have tried some lighter ones that I liked far more. Last month I tried a pacquiao, which would probably be my favorite throw I have ever used. That is the one that my money is going to next.

favorite light= mighty flea XD
favorite heavy= yyj xlr8

i like both, but i usually like heavyweights. i basically have hevay weight like the yyf genesis and super g. the lightest yoyo i have would be the black yyj phenom

I tend to lean towards solid throws. My current favorite is the Catalyst, which I consider pretty solid.

Just barely light; like 64-65 grams with most of the weight were it should be to spin long.


Your Mum. That’s heavy right? I’m obviously kidding.

I like things to be in the middle.

I like them all.
I mean, sometimes I like floaty yoyos, and sometimes heavier and more solid throw really giving me a good time.

I guess it’s like heavier throw help me when learning new tricks and lighter throw help me speeding up my tricks.

I like both, I prefer them over mediums (65-67g).