Do you preferens light or heavy throws?

You have a Gleipnir! That’s awesome!

If you want a third Sleipnir just let me know :wink:


Trust me though try all the YYR you can! It’s simply amazing man

Gettin’ a Stardust v2 in a trade soon. It’s 3a beat but still smooth. Depending on it I like it I may have it stripped and re ano’d.

I have one that’s 3A beat and smooth too!
Wow maybe same pair?:o

XD they play so nice!

For the oddest of reasons I like a lighter throws…


I don’t have a ton of skill yet and that might be why I LOVE heavy heavy throws. I’ve got a REV-1 Over Haul with all the rings in it and I love throwing that dang thing. Every throw feels amazing. I also really like when I put brass domes in my Code 2.

Lighter throw forsure! But not too light it feels like I’m yoyoing with a string. And not too heavy that it feels like a boulder is on my string either.

Heavy. A lighter yo-yo is very unstable in my opinion, and a heavier one is more stable and “solid”. Also, heavier throws have a longer spin time if the weight is distributed correctly.

I like light yoyos. I’ve played the lightest high-end yoyo in existence (that I know of) at 40g.

I like the weight to be around 64 - 67 grams. The GM2 is the perfect weight.

I like light throws 63-67 is my favorite. Also like the YoYoJam Alliance, which is huge, but light.

Personally I’m a fan of a bit heavier yoyo when I’m learning tricks or doing tricks that are right on the edge of my skill… But when I’m doing tricks I can do with my eyes closed I really enjoy the speed of light yoyos. :slight_smile: