Side effect question


Do heavier side effects cause floatiness and lighter side effects cause speedier play? thanks for the answers.


To me, yes. They do. I feel with say ultra lights the yoyo feels lighter, yet solid and faster. With say…spikes, it makes the yoyo heavier but feels floatier.




It depends on the design of the yo-yo.

Lighter Side Effects can cause speedier play but on certain yo-yos it can cause instability, the Dietz is a good example. I found that the Dietz played best with some weight in the hub so I usually don’t play it with anything lighter than stock Dietz Side Effects.

Heavier Side Effects can cause float but can make a yo-yo feel like a brick. The Yelets is a great example of this. Moving from Ultra Lights to Spikes is a dream come true and it plays amazing. Even moving up to the 4 gram Stunt Pegs causes some seriously fun play. Playing it with a set of nickel plated large discs makes it feel like a brick on the string, no bueno.

At the end of the day you have to take the yo-yo in to account when you are swapping out Side Effects. You also have to take your own preferences in to account. The examples I gave are what “I” don’t like, they may be right up your alley.


which would be better for yelets, domes or spikes?


Why not try some and find out? All that matters is YOUR opinion of what is better, not mine.

It comes stock with ultra-lights and I like how it feels


When confronted with the question, “domes or spikes?” the answer is always “spikes”. :wink:

Just kidding. Sort of. I’ve never tried domes. But for 3.2g vs 3.0g, why not get the one that facilitates matador play? Assuming you have tried matador and have no use for it, the spikes still look better in my opinion. :wink:


When I don’t have Stunt Pegs installed I keep spikes in my Yelets. I prefer the feel but I know many that like the stock Ultra Lights.


does it still feel comfortable in hand?