Side Effects?


Ok, so I tried to look up threads to help me out but I couldnt find any.

So i know side effects can change how a yoyo plays. But, how does each side effect affect the yoyo? Like on the yye page where they sell side effects it tells youthe weight of each… So is it like the lighter the side effect the lighter the yoyo will feel and the heavier the side effect is the heavier it feels? And can all one drop yoyos use side effects, if not, then which ones do?


Each side effects change each yoyo differently.

In general, heavier side effects will slow the yoyo down, while lighter ones let the yoyo move faster.


Each side effect gives the yoyo a unique feel. Generally, they follow the rule that lighter ones make the yoyo play lighter and faster (Ex. Ultra Lights), and heavier ones make the yoyo denser, and slower (Ex. Disc) . The 54, Code 1, Code 2, Cascade, Summit, Dietz, Dang, Chik, Summit, and Sakura SE use side effects (I may have missed one or two).


Heavier side effects = heavier yoyo = heavier play
Lighter side effects = lighter yoyo= lighter play

If you don’t have a preference then it’s probably not a good idea to spend the money on them. Unless you want to be adventurous.