What are your guys favorite side effects with a code 2? (im not looking for help)

Just curious. Ultra lights are too light, and spikes are too slow. Domes are too round and look ew with the code 2 imo. I like dietz side effects with the code 2! What about you guys?

I really enjoy my spikes. Ultra lights are too light, as you said, Domes look better on something like the cascade where the overall yoyo is a ‘dome’ shape, I didn’t really like the dietz in mine just didn’t fit right my my kind of play.

Spikes is where it’s at for me until OD brings out some sort of new SE.

Spikes and Legos

I quite like the ultralights on mine but the stock spikes are probably my favourite.


Spikes are good, but right now I have black domes.

Spikes or disks

I like spikes.

I like spikes too

Spikes and mini discs.

Dome or Dietz

Domes and spikes.

Ultra lights and a center track bearing.