why do people ligke ulralights the best for the code 2?


i would like to know why so many people like the ultralights side effects the best. what is the difference between all of one drops side effects?
Thanx in advance,


They have different weights, so it changes the way the yoyo plays.


I tried ultralights in my Code 2 and absolutely hated it. Just felt all wrong. I’m using disc side effects in one of my Code 2’s and that’s playing exactly how I like it.


Are you doing 5A?
That sounds like a crazy heavy/stable setup for anything but 5A.

I have ultra-lights in my GZR Code2. It seems to give the best rim-weight to center-weight ratio for me anyway.


I prefer UL’s in the C2 for two reasons. First it gives the yoyo that “classic” One Drop look similair to the Y Factor, M1 and Dingo and two it makes it lighter. I am a fan of sub 67 gram yoyos and the UL’s give it a nice feel (to me) I know some PPL who prefer brass SE’s in the C2. All preference…


I like my domes on my code two…


I prefer the black spikes that came with it.


I also prefer it with ultra lights. For me it’s weight preference. 66 game yoyos are perfect for me, and it seems to be the most stable with those as well. Same goes for my Cascade.


Less center weight to rim weight ratio with the UL. Also it is faster. I only use UL in all the OD yoyos I have had, including my Dietz.


No, I don’t really do 5A with anything other than plastics for the time being. I just prefer my yoyos to be more on the heavier side of things.

The Code 2 is already stable completely stock. The disc side effects just give me “more”.


yeah I think the ultralights are more popular because they do make it float a bit more, though I find myself enjoying the spikes the most.


I have brass domes in my Code 2 and Brass spikes in my Cascade, I love the extra weight…


Same. I also think it gives it the best look too.