Best Code 2 and Side effect pairing?

So I’ll be getting a Code 2 pretty soon and I also want some new side effects. I want to know what you guys think is the best side effect that matches with the Code 2.

I believe the discs.
They make it’s fast and stable with a super solid feel!

i’m getting mine tomorrow. i got the dietz effects as well. i’ll tell you how they play when i get them

The Code 2 ships with spikes, so its clearly meant to play the best with those. Pick a color you like and play it like that.

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This is another one of those “up to the individual” things. I like playing mine with the Anti-Yo side effects.


any idea where one would purchase these effects?

I really like the discs in mine.

The spikes are nice too.

Have to say I agree.
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I love the code 2 with ultra lights. The Dietz are pretty good as well but for me it’s ultra lights.

I love the domes for my code 2. They make it a little lighter and make it floaty… Not as much as u.l.'s though.

As far as I know, they’re only available if you purchase the Anti-Yo Viszilla or Bapezilla.2. I suppose you could always try your luck on the B/S/T.


For me. I have a Zombie Thunderstorm that is kept stock with the black spikes.

I have a Sea Grass one(green acid washed) that I put disc side effects in. For me, this is a really good configuration. It’s heavy, but I like heavy. Stable, smooth in the first place, just now a bit more of that. This is probably a Top 5 for me for sure!

This is off topic, but studio, it seems you own every yoyo known to man lol.

I REALLY would be interested to see a collection pic sometime.

There’s many unknown to me! Also, nothing Anti-Yo makes appeals to me, it just seems over-priced but “safe” designs. But, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one and spending a few hours with it and seeing if that doesn’t change my mind.

Pictures coming soon. I’m waiting until after my next round of stuff comes in. I’m kinda lazy when it comes to that. I may just take some quick “stuff in my cases right this second” shots tonight or tomorrow and chuck them up on my yoyo web site. I like to wait until things “settle down” but it never does!

I have a Cascade, Ti5 and a YYC Beta coming. After Worlds, I have a few other items I want to get. Some from here, some from a nearby shop or two, and something from another seller.

Back on topic:
I’ve tried the Code 2 with brass domes, Dietz and ultralites and I really prefer it stock or the disc side effects. I have found in my experience and for my preferences, One Drops stock are typically the way to go.

I like to go to extremes… either the Ultra-lites or the discs… I didn’t mind the brass ultras, but once I got the discs, never looked back…

So, I’ve narrowed it down to 3: Ultra-Light, Discs and Stock Spikes.

The unltralights actually decrease the stability of the yoyo
Even if it plays fast.
Discs and stock!

I like the Dietz in mine personally.

My Code 2 came with domes (I have the Deep Space edition) and it plays awesome as it is…I also have a Bape 2 and use my Anti-Yo SE’s sometimes but prefer the stock domes…

I love the stock spikes, but the dietz work great as well!