Best Code 2 and Side effect pairing?

The best possible side effect for the Code2 is the ones that come standard with the Code2, the Aluminum Spikes to give a balanced overall type of feel so its one part floaty and one part solid.

Team members like Mark Mont and Paul Dang rock Ultralites so they have the weight all the way to the rims but it still makes the throw extremely light but agile.

Team members like Plamek rock it with Brass domes so the Code2 spins a freaking long time while having stability at perfection. I happen to have many of my Code2s all with different set ups so I can switch on the go.

Whoever said that its floaty with the Disc Side Effects is really wrong. It makes the Code2 ridiculously heavy.


This combo looks the best:

But it plays the best with Al ULs. Red, preferably.