Yoyo with Side Effects Recommendation


Howdy folks,

I’m looking for a side effects yoyo. I want something to act as sort of a jack-of-all-trades and that will allow me to use the side effects to vary the play. I’m interested in the overall versatility, stability and a wide catch zone. I prefer a V or a rounded shape, but I’m willing to get an H shape so long as the outer rim is either rounded or slanted towards the center. I don’t like the feeling of flat (or nearly flat) outer rims on yoyos like the YYJ Classic, so I am kind of ruling out the Sakura SE and the Dang. I’d also prefer to stay under $120, so probably not the ywet. I’m probably going to buy a second SE when I purchase too, so recommendations as to what my second SE should be would also be appreciated.

The current contenders that I find myself most interested in are:
OD Cascade
Eternal Throw Victory
OD Code 2 Nautilus

I’m also considering:
Toxic Hazmat
OD&CLYW Summit (the solid color versions are $115)
OD 54
OD Chik

I’m open to the other SE yoyos, so just because I didn’t list them doesn’t mean I’m not interested or willing to consider them.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: changed title to reflect the fact that I am looking for a yoyo


I think the Code 1 is perfect for you. It’s stable, yet floaty at the same time, has a wide catch zone, is H Shaped, and very versatile.

The Cascade may also be another good choice, as it is quite wide and stable as well. Personally, out of the 3,this is my least favorite, but it is still a great yoyo.

You may also want to look at the Summit, which is an extremely wide, stable, V Shaped throw that quite a few people around here like. It’s floaty with the stock Ultralights.

As for Side Effects recommendations, it’s all preference. If you want a solid feel, buy heavier SE’s, and vice versa. Just a note, Side Effects aren’t really meant to be swapped out regularly, it’s more of a thing where you find a setting you like, and keep it that way. I feel all the throws that I’ve recommended play best with stock SE’s. For fun, maybe pick up some RSM’s if you can find them.


He summed it up. I dont think you want the cascade because it’s a bell shape, unless you like that. I have tried a code 2, not a code 1. The code 2 is really good and has string spins. Its a little faster than the summit,MAYBE. I liked the summit a lot, wide gape and big catch zone.


You said you prefer V shape so just go with the code 2 …

I absolutely love mine


I guess I should’ve clarified on two levels.

First, I am interested in getting an alternate pair of side effects to swap out from time to time, but not frequently. In about a year I’ll take the bar and I don’t plan on buying another high end yoyo until that point or later depending on the job market for lawyers. So until then, I don’t really want to buy another $100ish yoyo and will have to make due on this one. Swapping out the SEs would be a way for me to get the feeling of something new while only spending 10-20 dollars and without acquiring more additional things. Somehow I can mentally justify buying things to modify/upgrade/fix things I already own but am hesitant to buy something completely new. If only my mind were rational. I would also be able to justify spending the money at least had I been making summer associate money, but alas and alack I took a research fellowship instead for my 2L summer.

Second, I was also asking about side effects because I wanted to know if anyone had a recommendation of an alternative SE to the stock SE for any particular yoyo. Perhaps one they found particularly enjoyable on a particular model. However, I’ll probably just end up buying ultralights if it comes with a heavier SE and discs or somethings brass if they come with a light SE.

As for the Cascade, I’ve never played a bellshape so I guess I might want to avoid it for the time being.


The Code 1 or Code 2 would be the most ideal yoyos in my opinion. As both are rather rim-heavy, it allows you to really utilize the side effects to best alter the center weight.

The Code 2 stock is great, but my other one with disc side effects is slow, heavy, but still agile and moves with a purpose. The disc side effects move the weight OUT away from the middle and out the the outer rim area, yet still centered on the yoyo. Very balanced!

The Cascade is more center-heavy, and I really enjoy it as-is with the stock domes and I see no reason to change them.

Honestly, I like most of the One Drops completely stock. I’ve found playing with side effects to be fun, but effectively a waste of my time. However, I do strongly advice that you do the same thing. Besides, you can spend $100 or more on the various side effects and get much different feelings. They are compact, can fit in a small storage container. Buy a few spare bearings too and some sets of Flow Groove response pads and you should be good for a good long time.

(WildCat23) #7

The Code 2 is not even close to a “V” Shape.


Check out the EYYD Tranquility when it comes out :wink:


If you went to the BST you could get a mint 54 and code 2 for under $120

I prefer the cascade with superlights though