Experimenting with Side Effects


Lately, I’ve become very interested in Side Effects. The whole concept of being able to change the weight and look of your yoyo, while also making it practically impossible to strip the yoyo, I think is pure yoyo genius.

When I first got my Summit, I played it for a while and realized that it was a bit unstable, floaty etc. I like heavier, more stable yoyos, but the Summit really clicked for me. I didn’t put much thought into changing the Side Effects, but I am very glad I did!

Today I received my order of Green Spikes and Orange Domes. I popped the Domes in and was shocked at how much better the yoyo played for me, and how much better it’s weight fit my preferences. Then I popped in the Spikes. Dang. I haven’t played with then long enough to know for sure, but I think I just found my new perfect setup! The yoyo feels so much more… Right to me, I guess.

Have you guys been experimenting with SE’s? What’s your favorite setup so far?


I love Side Effects too! My favorite setup is probably a Code 1 with Ultralights. Perfection.


I have two and I believe I like each about the same. One with the ultra lights and one with brass code ones. Yeah side effect are awesome.

I have a lot of One drop doubles and almost each double has a different side effect. Its so cool feeling the difference, keeps me hooked depending on how I want it to play.


Great Thread Lordchootpa !!

I did the same thing. I thought the Summit was way to light for my taste as well. So…
I installed these nifty Side Effects and found that it really came to life for me.

Side Effects are just about as ingenious an idea as has come along in a while in the YoYo industry.
It gives you so much versatility with weight and cosmetics.

I Love Them, and try to keep several different flavors of them on hand as much as I can.


I took out the ultralight on my Summit.

Black spikes did it for me.


What SE’s do you guys like on Dietz’s? I feel mine is a bit light and unstable…


I love side effects yoyos. I have three of them being the hazmat, code 1, and dang. The use of them are very nice and good for days where you might not want your yoyo to play one way or another. For me I like my code 1 with brass ultra light, my dang with spikes, and my hazmat with mini disks. But I mix and match to fit my wants and totally love it


Try some brass ultralights or the mini-discs. If you want to go really heavy, go for the brass spikes. Personally, I’d get some of those brass UL’s, those are great!


I like my Cascade with domes.

My normal cascade has brass domes and my 7075 Cascade has normal domes.

(WildCat23) #10

Who else has used brass Code 1 SE’s? It makes the yoyo play pretty funky…


No way; so cool having all that weight. Its such a different throw from the ultra lights. I love switching between the two, and have a completely different feel. Maybe just me.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Good to see so many of you guys experimenting and trying different combinations! I hope to try more Side Effect yoyos sometime in the future, my most recent wants being the Chik, Yelets and Cascade. I’m very interested in trying out these yoyos with the stock SE’s and then messing around with other Side Effects to find the perfect setup.

That being said, have any of you guys tried the Lego Side Effects? How do they feel?


Good, but don’t step on them. DON’T STEP ON THEM!

(WildCat23) #14

Lego side effects combine the two greatest things ever. Yoyo’s, and Lego’s. THey are really fun and I had them in my Dietz with studs for like 3 months before switching them out.

Seriously, go. Get them now. Don’t wait. Run! Hurry! You wont regret it.


Extremely good piece of advice right here.

Thanks Bigcat!


Ok lol thanks guys :slight_smile: I’ll be sure not to step on them. :wink:


Wait, how heavy are the legos?


Yeah just seen that you got the zeekio bag with those side effects. Is there any difference between domes and spikes. They appear to have almost the exact same weight.


yeah, they do if you switch them out lightest to heaviest. I think today I’ll try heaviest to Domes. Still trying to figure out my perfect setup :wink:


Does anyone know this?