Side Effects question

So maybe this is a dumb question, but I haven’t been able to find the answer anywhere yet.
What yoyos accept side effects stock. Obviously most One Drops, a couple Anti-yos, and maybe the Toxic Hazmat?
Is there anything I’m missing? I think the concept is really cool and I’d like to try it, I just want to figure out my options.

Also, what’s your favorite side effect throw?

I’m pretty sure that’s it

And there’s just something about the hazmat that makes me drooool… over it all day

I like the OD 54 for how it responds to side effects. Different weights change its play more noticeably than any other I’ve tried. Plus, I just like it outright. One of the better high-end yoyo values out there.

54, Dietz, CODE1, CODE2, Dang, Cascade
Viszilla, YWET

More to come…

Any idea when the more are coming?

Stookie! My 54 brother from another mother! Hit it on THE HEAD! I have a few different 54’s… my 3 fave set-ups

  1. Spikes… duh…
  2. ultralites to give it that extra floaty zip
  3. my 54 GZR with DISCS - I call it my Tie-fighter 54. She’s a beast taking out rebel scum left and right…

You gotta give genius time to work… the Cascade was a long road that has brought us something wonderful… embrace it…

I didn’t know they did a GZR version already! I’d have totally bought that up in a second.

Got a Code 2 coming in the mail.

YYE only has the following info on side effects:
Currently available:
[ - ] Spike Side Effects - 3.2 grams.
[ - ] Dome Side Effects - 3.0 grams.
[ - ] Ultra Light Side Effects - 2.5 Grams.

[ - ] Code1 Side Effects - 4.0 grams.
[ - ] Dietz Side Effects - 3.0 grams.

What do the legos, discs, and stunt pegs all weigh?
And how do they each change the play of the throw?

And is all this info correct?

I thought the BPZL also took side effects

From the One Drop forums:

Aluminum Ultra Light: 2.5 grams
Aluminum Lego: 2.7 grams
Aluminum Dome: 2.9 grams
Aluminum Dietz: 3.0 grams
Aluminum Spike: 3.2 grams
Aluminum Stunt Peg: 4.0 grams
Aluminum CODE1: 4.0 grams
Aluminum Anti-Yo: 4.7 grams
Aluminum Disk: 7.2 grams

Brass Ultra Light: 5.2 grams
Brass Lego: 5.8 grams
Brass Dome: 6.6 grams
Brass Dietz: 6.7 grams
Brass Spike: 7.2 grams
Brass CODE1: 9.5 grams

RSM Ricestacks: 9.2 grams
RSM Caps: 11.18 grams

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You’re pretty much the man. Thank you

It does. As I understand it the BPZL, Viszilla and Bapezilla.2 are all the exact same design. Although there seem to be a bunch of BPZL around, it was never officially released.

It was a few months ago - they did them in this cool medium-dark grey (almost gunmetal)
DSC_0060 by miketheturtle, on Flickr