Dietz's side effect?


Is it possible to use 54 or CODE1’s side effect for the Dietz? Will the Dietz’s side effect on YYE heavier than the stock side effect?


Yes you can change the Dietz side effect with the one in 54 or Code 1, but I’m not sure how heavy the Dietz, side effect is


The Side Effects are interchangeable and can be used in any yoyo that uses side effects - the 54, Dietz, CODE1, DANG, CODE2, BPZL, and YWET. These are the side effect weights:

Dietz – 2.6g
CODE1 – 4g
Alu spike – 3.2g
Brass spike – 7.4g
Alu Ultralight - 2.5g
Brass Ultralight – 5.2g
Alu Lego – 2.7g
Brass Lego – 5.7g
Alu Dome – 2.9g
Brass Dome – 6.5g
Brass Dietz – 6.7g
Anti-Yo - 4.7g
Stunt Pegs - 3.9g
Rotating Side Members - 11.6g
Dice Stacks - 9.7g


Those are the masses for the pair, correct?


That’s correct.


so i’m gonna buy a pair of CODE1’s side effect, so it will be 65g, which is perfect for me
thanks everybody


So if I wanted my Dietz to be 67g what side effect would I need for it?


so which side effect do you think is the most ideal for Dietz?


@TMCertified - The brass spike brings it up to 67.1 - that’s the setup I like for 5a.

@RedTwo For 1a, I like the Dietz SE, the RSMs, and the CODE1 SE. There’s not really an optimal setup for it - it really depends on what you prefer. I can also say that there isn’t an SE I’ve played the Dietz with that I didn’t like.


You missed the stunt pegs. I cannot quote a weight, but they feel really nice on my 54


The stunt pegs are 3.9g. Also, the dice stacks are 9.7g and the RSMs are 11.6g.


wait wait, i can install dice stacks to the Dietz? that’s mean it’s possible for hubstack modding?


There have been a couple of very limited runs of side effects that have rotating sides - the last run had dice and look like this:


One last question, are the SEs stainless ?