Are you looking to buy a new yoyo? or Comment on your favorite yoyo.

This post is made to lessen the amount of post like: (I have $100 which yoyo is the best?) There is no best yoyo. This is also to help the indecisive people who take forever to choose a yoyo(like me)

If you have any improvements or comments on this method pm me. Post as much as you feel necessary. In the end you should be able to press f3 and search by company or size.
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What is your favorite yoyo at the moment or a notable yoyo that you like?

true to include some of: full name of yoyo, company, rough size of yoyo, a few words describing it

code 2, onedrop, oversized, smooth and stable

Or just

Got my H5xChief earlier today (remember, GMT+1), and its really too early to say that its my favorite, but it looks like its going to be! So.

H5xChief, CLYWxC3, Gigantic, Extremely stable (i thought the Glacier Express was really stable…), floaty, supersmooth and long spinning

One drop Code 2 FTW!!!

Generic answer:

This yoyo.

Why? Because.

Current favorite: Code 2 with disc side effects.

The Code 2 stock rocks hard. Feels great, plays amazing, smooth, stable.
The Disc side effects not only adds more weight, but pushes that weight out away from the hub and towards the middle portion of the rim. I found for me this did nothing to increase the stability of an already stable yoyo, but instead gave it the ability to hold even bad throws(well, not too bad) longer, and increasing spin times. The extra weight really doesn’t take away from performance at all, nor does it make it feel heavier in play.

I have a Code 2 I keep stock, and a second with the disc side effects. Great for people to compare and contrast, or if I want to just mix it up.

Views and opinions may vary. There’s no definitive right or wrong answers. With so many good yoyos on the market it may take individuals a long time before they find their perfect match.

hour, werrd, oversized, This yoyo really impressed me and I will definitely be buy buying this. Specs are heavy but you don’t feel it most of the time. Really made me consider getting more werrd. I would compare it to my code 1 play wise.

GZR code2 with ultralights :slight_smile:

Sentinel, Werrd, oversized, awesome, smooth

I’m really digging the one drop cascade.

Yoyo factory yoyojam doesn’t do it for me

arctic circle, CLYW, oversized (i think), I reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly want and llike this throw. smooth with a trifecta.