One Drop... Decisions, Decisions


May I ask for assistance? ???
Though I am attempting to find a yo-yo that is fast (nough’ said), I also hope to find stability and long-spin times with the chosen yo-yo.
I do not mind the size however, I have yet to master chopstick combos, so an undersized yo-yo would be I ideal. Furthermore, I also desire to attempt horizontal play ;).

I have taken the following yo-yos into account:
One Drop Burnside
One Drop Cascade (undersized)
and One Drop Code 2

(I have taken a liking to One Drop yo-yos thus explaining why the yo-yos I have considered are One Drop made :P)
I have taken an interest in the Cascade, but I would like to ask for further insight and opinion from you all… The Awesome People from YoYoExpert ;D
Thanks Again!! :slight_smile:


Have you considered the Dietz? It’s undersized and might be up your alley.



Being a big OD fan I have owned the 54, code 1, burnside,and code 2
I have tried the dietz, cascade, and project (I think that is the name)

IMO the code 2 is slightly above the burnside. With the code 1 coming in for a close, close third. the cascade is fourth.

Let me explain: the code 2 is a graceful yoyo that can be weighted to any stile of play and responds very well to change in direction. The burnside is most easily explained as a “Solid” yoyo. I have met people who prefer the burnside of the code 2. code 1 is a great yoyo ( I have met legit people who will not throw any other yoyo except for the code 1). The cascade- I personally am not the biggest fan somply because the weight was pushed more towards the center. This leaves thin rims making at not as stable as the other OD. not a bad yoyo, just not my taste.

In other words get the code 2 if you like the side effects or the burnside if you are looking for that really solid feeling throw. Or you could just get the code 2


For me, IMO, the OD’s I like go like this.

  1. Dietz
  2. Code 2
  3. Burnside
  4. Cascade
  5. Dang

another honorable mention is the code 1.

For me though, the Dietz blows the doors off of everything else made by OD.

Would like to try a MarkMont Next, and 54.