One Drop yoyo's

I’m thinking about getting a one drop yoyo and i can’t decide which one.

code 1, code 2, dang, burnside?

can anybody tell me how each one plays and what style each one compliments best?
also how do they compare to the usual yyf awesomeness

As a part of the Onedrop team, I can give you some tips and insight about each throw that you have asked about.

-All four throws are at a Diameter of 56 so each of them are considered “Full sized” yoyos.

-All but the Dang are exceptional when it comes to horizontal play. Out of the four, in my opinion the Code2 is the best for horizontals.

-The lightest throw is the Dang versus the Burnside being the heavyset.

-The Burnside does not have the use of the Side effect technology versus the other three.

Now, lets go into full depth when it comes to each throw…

The Code1 has a very floaty type of feel and considerably lighter on the string but not as much as the Dang. It is consistent with all types of tricks and with it being H-shape, the string hits into the body perfectly fine. This is your “All around” type of throw out of the four throws you have asked about. Also, as a tiny perk this throw looks best with all side effects.

This was Onedrops flagship throw for quite awhile due to the idea of the radical change in shape and being the first to be able to handle horizontal play better then the past product.

The Code2 has a more balance approached when it comes to the “Feel” of it when stock. You can feel the float on the string, its there, but you also feel the bit of weight on it. That mixture allows for quite the stability due to the design’s rim weight. This is essentially the new Flag ship throw because this one has a flair to its rim allowing it for better ease of Horizontals.

This throw can handle any type of trick and the added benefit is that it has a slight step in so that there is less friction on the side.

Paul Dang’s signature yoyo, which was build on the idea of the original Project mixed with a Code1 causing “The Dang”. This throw utilizes the “Ultralites” making it feel the lightest throw out of the batch you have asked for. This causes the weight to be focused on the Rims versus partially the center due to the Side effects. This throw is ALL float. Its agility cannot be matched compared to the others on the string and the speed is absolutely unreal.

Due to the shape, this throw is not meant to be used for horizontals. Paul does not focus on those types of tricks and instead is more known for his chopsticks. This is a good throw to have to practice such styles.

The Burnside is ex-member Clint Armstrong signature throw but before this was made he left Onedrop for Yoyofactory but Onedrop still produced the throw in his honor. This throw is designed for all the weight to be focused on the rim. The design is based off of the Code1 mixed with a YYF Genesis making for the “Ultimate” yoyo. This throw when on the string is like…well…quite heavy. But it keeps its smoothness all the same. This type of throw is meant for absolute long spinning to handle all types of tech combos and horizontals.

The added benefit of this throw is that it was meant to be a “No frills” type of throw so that helps the consumer because it is cheaper then the others. It does not use Side effects.

All Onedrop yoyos can be compared to the YYF awesomeness if not better then. That however, is a matter of opinion to each person. Considering I am sponsored, I am biased. I do assure of you though that you will not be disappointed in buying a Onedrop yoyo. Precision machined with a lot of heart.



Thank you so much!!! this was really helpful and were great overviews of each yoyo. straight to the point. ;D ;D ;D

I’ve decided to go with the code 2 since it seems to be one of the most stable out of them without compromising to much speed. I was looking for a yoyo that is floaty and fast, yet is forgiving with off center throws and looks like this is the one.

Thanks a whole lot again. you’re good at selling one drop products lol

I think zammy hit evry point on this one