Which One Drop Throw??

I’m looking for a new summer throw, I’ve been loving the look of OD’s for some time, so I’m thinking of getting one. I’ve been looking at the Dietz, Code 1, and Burnside.

I am so stuck, help would be so appreciated. I was also sorta looking at the DANG, but I’m not a fan of it’s shape, so unless there’s a HUGE reason i should get the DANG, I’m not that interested in it.

What are your preferences…I have to recommend the y factor if u can find one on the bst they are soooo smooth and play amazing if your not into undersized and don’t want to go looking the burnside is amazing to

I’m not really having many preferences, just looking for something different. thats why im leaning toward one drop because they always put out such different throws.

Dietz is a nice throw but I’m not a big fan of undersized throws. My favorites are the code 1 & 2. Code 2 is wider and is a really sweet yoyo. For the price on of the best. They will have more for sale soon.

If you’re looking for something a little different than the other throws out there, the DANG is where it’s at. It fits comfortable in the hand and the rims aren’t as sharp as the other choices your listed.

In my opinion is go with the burnside if you like a heavier throw or the code 2 for something a little lighter. Both are amazing though

The Dietz, CODE1, and Burnside are all awesome yoyo. The One Drops I’ve been playing the most are the CODE2 and the Burnside - they’re both awesome yoyos.

Just get one, you won’t be disappointed.

I’d say pick your favorite colorway and buy that one.

It’s true - these are all great yoyos. You’re probably best off going with this advice.

I’ve never been disappointed with any full sized One Drop I’ve purchased. They all play great to me. I love the Code 2, Code 1 (my bread and butter OD throw), and Burnside.

Code2’s should be popping up in a few weeks - grab one and be happy…

I’m really pleased with the One Drop product offerings. It just depends on your wants, needs, desires and perhaps portability. Some of their models are small, some are full sized. All are excellent in their own ways.

The Cafe Racer and Burnside shave price without sacrificing performance by not using the Side Effects axle system, so the weight is what it is. It does limit your options, but then again, how many other brands are doing something line this? It’s patented, so exactly NOBODY is doing this. Other companies use weight rings, either optional or included.

I have the following in my possession:
Code 1, 54, MMN and Dietz. A Cafe Racer is coming in any day now. A Burnside and Code 2 has been secured, leaving me to obtain a Dang, which I will at BAC(I hope). It really comes down to what you think you will like. It also comes down to preferences as well.

A friend I trust told me about the Burnside, and the only reason he sold me his is because he got a second one and had to sell the first. He also has tested the Code 2, and based on his recommendation, I’ve managed to secure a Code 2 now too.

The MMN and Dietz are undersized and play amazing. The MMN seems a bit smoother to me, but I thing that’s due to it’s more smooth shape rather than the H-type profile of the Deitz. Both are amazing though. The MMN does not use side effects though.

The Code 1 forces the weight to the outer rims, making extremely smooth and stable and is like “all catch zone”.

The 54 is more organic in shape, but I think may also be out of production. It’s a great yoyo, a great shape and a great feel, but it’s more of the “typical yoyo shape”, which isn’t a bad thing.

Of your choices, I have 2 of them currently and am waiting on the third. I can’t see either being bad choices at all. But, at the same time, all are different. It’s hard to compare dissimilar shapes with different performance aspects, even within the same brand. They are good. If you want undersized, Dietz. If you want full sized with options, Code 1. If you’re fine with a fixed configuration and a full size, Burnside. Really, the biggest concern you have to worry about is size.

I swapped side effects in my Dang for Code1 side effects and of really brought it to life. I see it as an anti-Code1 due to the shape of the catch zone. The Code1 is still a little better than the Dang for me but I can’t speak for the world. The burnside is crazy stable and really smooth. I’ve thrown most of TheRyanFace’s collection and haven’t been let down by any of his One Drops. If you also wan an undersized the Cafe Racer is a class leader IMO

I got the Dang with brass dome s.e.'s and a Burnside. I love the Dang as I set it up but I am seeing that I am favoring the Burnside more and more. Don’t know really why. I guess it just feels better tossing it around maybe?