Best Onedrop?


What is the best Onedrop throw that is still available to buy?

(Jei Cheetah) #2

No best, only preference.


The best in terms of your preference.



if u like regular size… aka 54mm or greater … i would say code1

i only have one undersize from OD … p2 and that is great too

they are all good … lol

but i think code1 sticks out a little more than others … just my Opinion…


Best playing: Code1
Smoothest: 54
Those are my personal testimonies.


It’s all a matter of preference… Personally, the best for sale is: the Code 1, IMO. I stopped by the shop today and was lucky enough to throw some others and SSSHHH… a code 2, and OMG… Everybody better look out for that one. Its gonna be hot! (and dare i say it, better than the Code 1 IMO). Look out yoyo community, another bomb is about to drop. ;D
Good job on the design JROD!!


Thanks nicholi! Glad to hear you enjoyed the CODE2!

@clywsp94 - it really is a matter of preference. I’ve never played a One Drop that wasn’t smooth, and they’re all great players. But some folks like smaller yoyos - in which case the Cafe Racer, Markmont Next, or Dietz would be good options that are still available at YYE. I’ve been loving the CODE1 and Burnside lately, and those are also both still available. What yoyos do you have that you like? Are there certain characteristics you prefer? Size, weight, etc.?


Decide if you want a full sized or an undersized throw. Side effects can be substituted to change weight. (models w/o side effects that are still available new are MMN and Burnside, but that still gives you option of 50mm vs 56mm diameter. You’ll be happy with any One Drop fo sho.


Im looking for a full size throw compatible with Side Effects. 54 vs Dang vs Code1 vs maybe Code2? Im leaning towards to Code1 right now.


Hmm… Code 1 or 54… It kinda depends on your shape preference. The 54 is an organic traditional butterfly shape, while the Code 1 is an H shape and competition beast. Personally, i have both and would recommend the Code 1. There is also some sweet special edition colorways in here at YYE right now too. Good luck! Rest assured that any one drop you get, you will be very happy with. These guys make the highest quality stuff around. As soon as you take it out of the box, you can tell that alot of love and care went into creating it. One drop and Oregon yoyoing respresent!!!


My top three


That is all.


Cannot stress the Code 1 more. Got mine about a week ago, can’t put it down. Smoothest and quietest yoyo I’ve ever played.
…Yes, quietness is a factor. Don’t judge me. :c




I personally think that if you are in that range then it would be a better decision to go for something CLYW. One drops just aren’t that great to me.




Available to buy I would go burnside. My code 1 plays terribly it shoots back for now reason with only one layer of string I even put a new center trac but it is probably just mine.