One Drop?

My Birthday is coming up in late august and I was thinking about getting a One drop because I have heard nothing but good about them and only have ever thrown a YYF G5 and a Duncan Metal Drifter. So… I turned to the community. Which One drop do you like best and why? I like to play with a slower style and like to throw the yoyo up[ and catch it in different ways. I was thinking code 1 but let me know what YOU think.

Code1 fits your preferences.

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The 54 is great. I havent heard about many but I bought it and love it.
The code one would probably be a good choice to.

The only difference is the shape since you can get different side effects.

code 1 is amazing. it’s a yoyo voted on every aspect by the yoyo community. and let me just tell you… we know what we want. :wink:

only other one drop I’ve tried is an m1, which is also quite nice. really undersized with a decently small catch zone, but still great. and the clear soda blast looks great.