whats your favorite onedrop??


id love to know

and why?

and is the cascade shaped more like the dietz or the 54?


The Cascade shape isn’t like the Dietz or the 54. Very unique shape. As for my favourite One Drop, it’d have to be the CODE 2. Stable, spins for days, grinds like a champ, Side Effects, and a size and shape that fits my hand perfectly.


(SR) #3

Code 2 for sure, the thing is pretty good. I like the shape and how big it is, it fits my preferences pretty nicely. Plus it plays exceptionally well, too!

Also, it’s shaped more like the 54; they are both organic. It’s just smaller in diameter and quite a bit wider, and instead of curving out, it curves in. I wouldn’t really compare the two though, they’re VERY different besides the fact that they are organically shaped.


Right now it’s the Code 1, because I like lighter throws; but it’s also super stable so I really like it for 5A as well. It looks so nice with spikes.


Code1, then Cascade


M1. Simple and beautifully built as well as an amazing price.


It’s a toss up between the Code 1 n 2. They are both great throws. I also have a 54. It’s ok just to light for my taste and doesn’t have the spin time of the code’s. REALLY wanna try a summit and cascade.


Code 2 with disc side effects.

It moves fairly slow but can get moving if pushed hard. Heavy, moves with authority.



I’ve only tried the Code 2 thus far. But it certainly compares favourably with any other yoyo in my collection. Just a really cool yoyo. Many One Drops I’m interested in, including the new Chik…


I don’t know since I have never tried a one drop yoyo.


Tha dingo ate yo babay

It’s probably the most fun I’ve ever had with a yo-yo


I have a Pink OG Project coming in the mail so I’ll get back to you guys on this :wink:


A fun throw is the Y-factor. I also love the code 2, but wasn’t a fan of the cascade it played very well just wasn’t my thing


I would say my 54