What is your favorite one drop?


What is your favorite one drop and why???


I own a Project, a M1, and a Code 1. My Favorite is the Code 1!


Cascade, cause its amazing.


I love my 54 and i love my Cascade, and i love all my other One drops… But it’s all about the Code 2. In my opinion there isnt anything that can beat the Code 2 for just sheer performance. The Code 2, with aluminum ultralights, a Centertrac bearing and Toxic dragon string. That’s my all time favorite set up.



(Jerrod) #6


(Khent G) #7

Code1. Why? I love the feel in my hand and the shape. It was one of the best and unique ideas of a yoyo!


CODE 1. Hands down. I love the shape (I know. I’m crazy.) and it plays fast. Dem One Drop grinding grooves, inner grinding lip. Absolutely love it.


Dang, I really like the profile. It’s not super duper fast, but very stable and feels great in the hand. Paul is a cool dude too. That helps.


i dont have a favorite but i really want a cafe racer


I own a Cascade and a CODE 2. I’ve tried a 54 and a Dietz. I like them all but the only one I love is the CODE 2. It’s the only one that really blew my mind.



Code 2


I own a Cascade and I absolutely love it. It fits so wonderfully into the hand, and you can throw it comfortably for hours on end. It’s a really smooth and solid throw.


Not my favorite player, but just my outright favorite is my mint Project. In the soda blast that is still one of the prettiest yoyos ever made. I specifically do not play it because I enjoy looking at it more and want to keep it perfect.

Favorite player was probably my Dietz, although I let it go since I don’t play undersize anymore. Still, relative to other undersize that one is probably One Drop’s biggest success (imo).


My favorite OD is the Burnside. It doesn’t have side effects, but I rarely change the weight anyway. Solid, stable throw at 67 grams. My first OD was a Code 1 and I love it. But after trying everything OD makes except the Cafe Racer, I liked the Burnside the best.