Favorite One Drop Throw?

Whats you favorite One Drop throw?

If I had a cent for every thread with this topic I would be a billionaire.

yup.  here’s a recent one:

edit: oops, maybe its not so recent! lol The point still stands.


lol didnt know that :stuck_out_tongue:

just changed the topic

I will say One Drop

It’s not a competition of which we like more. They are both magnificent companies that work rather well together.

Its a toss up between the Dietz, the Cascade, and the Code1. Love those all so much

whoa! how many times is the topic gonna change?? lol. I’m confused now! ???

??? ???

I love the Cascade and Dietz! They are 2 of my favorite throws, period! I’ve wanted a Code1 for a long time and just never got one. Actually my Cascade replaced the Code1 in my shopping cart at the last moment…

OG blasted project BY FAR.

Code2 for rock solidity. Code1 for speed and horizontal. Cascade for versatility.

Cascade but would like to try a Valor



Cafe Racer

I have a Dingo, Yelets, 54, Summit, and Sakura SE. These are the only OD I have tried also.

The Sakura is my favorite. :slight_smile:

im getting a code 2 nautlius any of you have it? is it good?

The format: C by far. :smiley:

Yelets. I have 2

I have one. I like it a lot, as you can see in my profile. It’s sort of heavy-ish and pretty stable.