One Drop Fan Club

I couldn’t find a thread like this so I decided to make one. I’m not a fanboy, I buy other stuff too.
Talk about your favorite yoyo or anything related to One Drop for that matter!
I’ll start with saying that the Cascade is my favorite One Drop and favorite yo-yo in general.

Your turn!

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No love for the One Drops?

Only one drop I have is an MN. Very nice yoyo, fits my style very well :slight_smile:

I have a 54 code 1 and code 2, so far and LOVE em. Plan on trying the whole line up. Then start w other brands. Wanna try some clyw spyy and weird for sure though.

Let’s see I have had Code 1, Code 2, Dietz, MN, and a Cascade. I traded out my cascade a while back and i’ve really started to miss it as of late. :wink:

My Code 2 is still one of my favorites though. I still seem to pick it up at least one a day! I would really like to try the original projects, or a y-factor.

Anyone have any input as to how they play?

I’m a huge OD fan. I’ve owned several Code 2s, numerous Cascades, a Sakura SE, a few Code 1s, Im borrowing a friends Dang rig now, and I should be getting a Yelets later :smiley:

Don’t get me started on their Side Effect Axle system…

I’ve visited the shop 3 times so far and will be going again in the summer :D. I’ve owned a cafe racer, y factor, code 1, code2, cascade, dietz, dang, 54, GZR code2, burnside, and numerous yoyos they’ve machined for other companies. I plan on getting a summit or two soon, needless to say, I love one drop!

Big fan of One Drop myself, my favorite is Dang, followed closely by Cascade. And for contests probably tie between Burnside and Code2.

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Only have a YELETS from One Drop. I’m very impressed its very very very very very smooth, and has decently long spin times

Cascade, Code 2, Dietz.

I’m not a fan of One Drop.

I only like their Dietz.

And the Summit, if that counts.

I love how One Drop brings the US business (machining for CLYW, etc) and also helps a lot of people out making their dreams come true.

Funny cause my last name is the same as paul dangs…


so my fav yoyo by onedrop? i would say to be the summit and the cascade tried the summit it was like a dream

As most of you know know I am a HUGE One Drop fan. They are far and away my top choice. I have currently more One Drop yoyos than any other company.

I have owned every model except the OG MM Project and all of them have been great!!

My first was the Y Factor (still one of my fav throws) and I have not stopped since.

My current fav’s are the CODE2 and Cascade but I still play the Y Factor, Dietz and 54 a lot as well. I am very excited to see the Rally!!

Cant wait till the Rally drops here!

One Love, One Drop. :smiley:

I’m a fanboy… I’m allowed.

Don’t know why I keep getting this stuff but I know the guys, we’re great friends.

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all these necro’s are driving me nuts lol


I’ve read everything on the forum so this is what is in my feed if you will. I find most of it really funny. I’m pretty sure I nailed the record. I’ll try to stop…….


honestly keep em comin, its a problem on my end, not yours Grendel!


I joke but honestly I don’t mind revived old topics. I’m just as guilty of bringing stuff back from the dead. Occasionally there’s gold in these here ancient tombs