Good One Drop yoyo?

My friend already has a DM2 and a YYF Velocity, and he wants to buy a good OD yoyo. He is looking at the Cascade, but wants to know what you suggest. What’s your favorite onedrop?


Do not buy anything else. Trust me. It’s the best.



My favorite I think is still the Code 1. The Code 2 is amazing though and my favorite Code 2 is the one I have with disc side effects installed. The stock spikes are great, I just like slower and heavier and the disc side effects rock that for me!

The more I play the Cascade, the more I like it. It is vastly different than the other stuff One Drop has released due to the shape and weight distribution.

I just set up my Burnside to send out to a friend. I installed a cleaned and Terrapin X Dry Play treated Trifecta in there, and sent along a second identically treated bearing and he’s threatening to not give it back!! The Burnside didn’t give up any performance for a lower price. Being tapped instead of having side effects allowed One Drop to have less cost and passed it on to the buyers.

I also have the Dang, Dietz, 54, MMN and an M1. Each are so unique and amazing players.

However, if you want to know where “it’s at” today, it’s totally Code 2 all the way.

My vote is cascade. I prefer it over the code 2 by far. But the code 2 is also amazing.

Cascade for 1a, CODE 2 for 5a or 3a.

That’s my personal recommendation, if I were your friend I would probably go with the CODE 2, it’s versatile and hella fun to play, reminds me a lot of CLYW’s Avalanche.

Dietz! I love my Dietz, and if your friend likes smaller yoyos, he will love it as well.

Code 2 FTW!!!

I love the Code 2, but I tried a Cascade at BLC and I loved it. Both play amazing. Dietz is only good if you like obscenely fast, small yoyos IMO.


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