Good One Drop yoyo?


My friend already has a DM2 and a YYF Velocity, and he wants to buy a good OD yoyo. He is looking at the Cascade, but wants to know what you suggest. What’s your favorite onedrop?

(SR) #2


Do not buy anything else. Trust me. It’s the best.




My favorite I think is still the Code 1. The Code 2 is amazing though and my favorite Code 2 is the one I have with disc side effects installed. The stock spikes are great, I just like slower and heavier and the disc side effects rock that for me!

The more I play the Cascade, the more I like it. It is vastly different than the other stuff One Drop has released due to the shape and weight distribution.

I just set up my Burnside to send out to a friend. I installed a cleaned and Terrapin X Dry Play treated Trifecta in there, and sent along a second identically treated bearing and he’s threatening to not give it back!! The Burnside didn’t give up any performance for a lower price. Being tapped instead of having side effects allowed One Drop to have less cost and passed it on to the buyers.

I also have the Dang, Dietz, 54, MMN and an M1. Each are so unique and amazing players.

However, if you want to know where “it’s at” today, it’s totally Code 2 all the way.


My vote is cascade. I prefer it over the code 2 by far. But the code 2 is also amazing.


Cascade for 1a, CODE 2 for 5a or 3a.

That’s my personal recommendation, if I were your friend I would probably go with the CODE 2, it’s versatile and hella fun to play, reminds me a lot of CLYW’s Avalanche.


Dietz! I love my Dietz, and if your friend likes smaller yoyos, he will love it as well.


Code 2 FTW!!!


I love the Code 2, but I tried a Cascade at BLC and I loved it. Both play amazing. Dietz is only good if you like obscenely fast, small yoyos IMO.