Want something from OneDrop.


I want a new throw from one drop. I’ve been checking out code2 and the cascade. I really like the looks of the cascade. Never played with neither. Anyone know which might be the better go to throw? Spin time doesn’t really matter to me, nor floaty or vibey feel. Thanks everyone.


seems like everyone is in love with the code2, I kinda like the looks of the cascade but havnt used either, just going off of everyone elses opinion, the code2 is the favorite of many


I have many different One Drops. I still think my COde 1 is my favorite. I do prefer the Code 2 over the Cascade. The Cascade is a different shape and weight distribution, so it’s just vastly different. It’s awesome but in a different way.

At these kind of price breaks, I do recommend trying before buying if at all possible. It’s always a risk.


I would love to test drive a yoyo before purchasing, but then I do not know anybody personally who throws. I am the only one out of my circle of friends and in my family (including in laws) who plays with yoyos. Solo yoyo.


I really enjoy my Code 2. With disc side effects in, it’s great.

I’ve never tried the Cascade, but I would say if you’re looking for a more extreme shape or something different go with the Cascade.


Not that it helps, but I’m in the Sacramento, California area. Those who wish to drop by for a test spin, let me know. I have to do it via appointment, but I’m usually flexible on days and times. With a constantly growing collection of stuff ranging from super affordable plastics and metals all the way to “top dollar” items from a wide range of brands, there’s almost always something for everyone.

Code 1, Code 2, 54, M1, Dietz, Dang, Cafe Racer, Cascade, Burnsinde, MMN and a Code 2 with disc side effects,


I have many one drops. Cascade is my favorite YoYo of all…but… This comes down to what kind of throw do you want between the two. Cascade is smaller and has that round smooth feel in your hands while the code 2 is bigger and has more edgy feel in your hand. both are very excellent choices. ;D cascade goes in and out of combos better because of it’s size and yet the code 2 is great at thumb grinds. Both finger grind very well but cascade seams to me to roll over my arm smoother. Probably because it’s more roundish but that means code 2 is hitting less surface area and will slow less over the arm. Both of mine have trifecta bearings and the gap to response area snags less in my cascade but my code2 binds better. Hope this sheds a little more light in how these 2 differ.


Wow, you’re great! I appreciate the offer, but I’m all the way over in east coast. You are truly a blessing to the community.


I’m know they are both totally different throws. I don’t really have a preference right now. I really just want something new to play with and I can only buy like one or two nice throws a year, eventually I would have both the code2 and cascade in my hands.


jc, where on the east coast are you? I’m just getting into the more advanced yoyo’s but I’m the same deal, I know literally no one that throws, I’m from new jersey but am currently stationed in Florida


I have played both the cascade and code2 and I have owned 4 code2’s but no cascades…I got to try it when it was the glider but I digress, hehe.

For performance on stage I would say code2 for sure. The cascade is awesome as well but if I am going for spin time and stability I would say code2.

The cascade is wider and easier to land tricks with as well as a smaller diameter to weave in and out of transitions easier. Not to say the code2 is huge and bulky.

Either is a great pic but I say go for the code2 and then get the cascade later.


Go for the Cascade first… You will love it… Then when you are ready to get a new throw get the CODE2 and you will really love it!!! These two both go back and forth with me on my Fav One Drop And I have owned them all.