OD Code 2 or OD Cascade?

Ok Im deciding between and od Cascade and a OD Code 2. I want a fast, stable, smooth, floaty, and long spinning yoyo. Which one do any of you think i will be happier with?(because i know i will like both either way) and Which one have any of you liked better?

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In your opinion, Should i get OD Cascade, OD Code 2, Some other OD yoyo, YYF Supernova, Crucial A La Mode, Crucial Cupcake, C3 Capless, Something CLYW (other than chief), General-Yo KLR (if i can get one), Or any other yoyos that arent too expensive that you think would be better than these that would suit my wants?
Also I would like to know what your favorite yoyo is as well. that would help very much

Whoever is able to give their opinion if thank a lot.

Try to move this to looking for help and recommendations.

Why are your preferences? Skills level? What throws do you currently have?

Their are so many options now a days, that it is hard to not get a nice throw that will get you to masters on this site. My tip is if you don’t have many throws is it get a few cheaper plastics to see what one you like, then spend the big bucks on a higher end one. What I am saying is don’t spend 150 on a puffin, when you like the size of a dietz.

Good luck!

Puffin is so amazing highly recommend it.

Ok Thanks ill move it. Btw ive owned probably ten throws. 2 undersized and the rest regular sized.i dont really have a preference on size i know that i like the chief. skill level i would probably say advanced. i can do every trick on yye and much much more but im no where near as good as a lot of other non pros on youtube

I love the cascade, also love my chief.

Okay perfect. I would said the burnside is am amazing player. Based on your 100 mark. Burnside, code 2, genesis, and even the capless can be up there.

Honestly, pick what yoyo looks the coolest, and go for it. It’s not 1998 anymore, we have so many options now and it’s amazing. The progression of yoyo’s developed so much, a classic with a spec bearing out performs $200 throws from 10 years ago.

Good luck!

What do people think about the magic yoyo n12 shark?

It’s a good throw.

Magic yo is a great company. Their is always something different happens when I throw one of their products. I love supporting small companies, but that’s not saying that I do not have any yyf.

should i get the n12 shark or t5 overload? In your opinion which is better?

Cascade for your prefernces

T5 overlord is undersized and feels a bit weighty for the size, an amazing throw none the less, if that is what you like.

I love my Shark, it’s the perfect throw to take out and about with you. An amazing metal throw that plays just like any of the other contenders but costs the same as a budget plastic.

Definitely get a OD Code 2, YYF Genesis, or YYF Supernova.

If you were thinking about one drop or clyw, and then thought about which magic yoyo to buy? I’d say buy all the magic yoyo models it’ll be less than $100.

for your preferences, i recommend the topyo earth. Its pretty much what youre looking for. Fast, stable, smooth, floaty, plus it has a real slick beadblast finish that allows for some really crazy grinds. Its pretty cheap too

I would go cascade if I were you. Best grinding yoyo I have ever tried.

should i get t5 or n12 based on my preferences?

I’d say get an N9 instead! Love mine!
And get an Arctic Circle with that!!!

I now have 2 t5s, 2 n12s and a desperado.

The N12 is my favourite yoyo of all time and the t5 a close second - i haven’t owned anything more costly than a $60 throw though and am only recently getting back into yoyoing.

If you can only get one, go for the n12. If you can afford two, i would say get two n12s (!) and if three, get one t5 as well!

I’d say the Shark. I’ve heard almost nothing bad about it so far, but I don’t actually own one. I have an n9 and an n5. On the other hand, I don’t have a t5, but I’ve heard amazing things about IT as well! The n9 is fun for a while, but it gets old fast (at least it did for me) it’s loud, heavy, it feels cheap and on top of it all, I do not care for hubstacks! The n5 is a great throw and my current favorite. I’ve learned and mastered a lot of string tricks with it, but if you don’t like wide throws, don’t go with the n5.

I have T5 and N9. Both are grrrrreat. I highly recommend the T5!

If you’re debating between the T5 and the N12… I would try out the N12. I do not own it, but I will soon. It looks AMAZING, plus from what I’ve heard it’s a pretty great throw. But if you like the looks of the T5, then go for that! I haven’t heard any negative things about MYY other than the immoral business ethics of Chinese manufacturers, but I wouldn’t let it keep you up at night… this company is ROCKIN. Their products, in my opinion, are worth multiple times their value. Sure they might not have the ‘cool’ factor, but if you can throw with the big boys… I gaurentee your Magic YoYo will shut them right up. :smiley:

Some people talk about the N9 being too loud. Let me say this. Sure it clearly makes a sound upon the throw, but after a couple of seconds it goes quiet as a mouse! I cannot say the same for my Mutant DNA, which CONSTANTLY and CONSISTANTLY noiser with it’s smaller hubstacks. As much as I LOVE my N9, I would not get one over a T5 or a N12. Don’t get me wrong, the shape is great and it is a serious contender, but unless you want hubstacks, I would consider other things first.

Honestly, if you choose to get an expensive throw… I would take $13 of that money and invest in a T5 so you can REALLY see what your money can buy you, then buy another more expensive throw. This is so you can compare the differences in playability between these expensive ‘high end’ yoyo’s and MYY cheap ‘low quality’ yoyo’s. Spoiler alert: there are none. These things RIP.

But if you want to take my advice, and not the cool kids’ advice… I would take your cash and purchase a T5, N12, and N9! :smiley: That’s $60 for 3 awesome yoyo’s