Best of onedrop?


Cascade, code 2, dietz, cafe racer or code 1. Wich one is the best do you think?


There is no best its all down to just preference !

They all play great and all have different qualities.


I have a code 2 and a code 1 and i have also tried a cascade.

Code 2
Pros: good looking throw, extremely smooth, stable, semi fast to very fast depending on how you play, GREAT PRICE for what u get considering that I think that it is one of the best throws on the market, overall a fun competition throw :slight_smile:

Cons:A tad heavy for some people, not me though.

Code 1
Pros: FANTASTIC base weight IMO, smooth, can go very fast, fast rpm’s, VERY LONG sleeper, stable, by just switching the side effects from ultralights to lego there is a very noticable difference in play.
Great player!!!

Cons: the shape takes some time to get used to but after awhile it is a very comfortable shape.

Cascade: Completely DEAD smooth, semi fast to fast, stable, very wide for a good catch zone, very organic shape, nice weight to it, long sleeper overall great player!

You can’t go wrong with either one of them, look at the pros and cons I wrote and see which yoyo meets your preferences! :slight_smile:


i love them all, but it’s a matter of preference. My favorite is the deitz.


I think that the cascade is probably the best, but only be cause it is so different from there other throws. It’s made more for fun rather than crazy spin times and uber stability. I like that.


And btw the cafe racer is a budget throw. All the other ones u mentioned are serious throw that are great for serious play. The cafe racer can be compared to the dv888. It is very fun to use but not a competition for the other one drops


The Code 2 was my first. The Code 2 is great, but I like it a lot better with the disc side effects, so fortunately I have one set up each way. Hard to pick between those two as I can go either way easily.

Dietz, which I like tremendously, is too fast for my preferences, as well as on the smaller side. Small and fast go together. It’s ideally weighted and massively fun to play though, and stock it’s perfect.

Cafe Racer is a great budget through, then pop a regular OD 10 Ball in there and enjoy the performance boost.

Cascade, with more weight apparently in the center, this one seems to be good for slower smooth play, and could probably excel at 5A too, but I don’t think I’d be willing to risk a Cascade at my pathetic 5A level.

Preferences. I find myself going to the Code 2 with disc side effects, but the stock Code 1, well, it’s a close second. Depending on my mood, those could swap positions.

As has been pointed out, it’s all about preferences.

I also have the MarkMont Next, 54, M1, Dang and Burnside too. Each One Drop is amazing in its own way. I like variety, which is why I have so many.


If you haven’t played a Code 1.5, you must try it!


Code 2.


code1 was my first OD and still my fav to throw …

but you really won’t know until you try them all … go visit the OD shop … i remember reading an Old thread about nicholi2789 going there once… correct me if i am wrong …


Code 2 for a long time. I’m playing the cascade more lately. Though I still pull out my code 2 a few times a week.
I’ve also been playing the dang a lot too recently. Really depends on mood and what I’m listening to.
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Ive played them all except for the Cascade, and I’d say code 2 hands down.


Everyone is forgetting about the Burnside. Super smooth, stable, and amazing for the price!


Yes sir, now I try to go there once every month or two. Straight up heaven for a yoyoer. :slight_smile:


I liked all of them but the dingo and the M1. those two were great yoyo’s but just not my cup of tea. The rest though are perfection.


Some of your preferences are based on weights, which One Drop’s side effects solves.


I’ve had:

Two M1s
A Code1
A Dingo
A 54

I also have a Burnside coming in the mail. One of the M1s I had came with a stripped nut and a screwed up response. The guys at One Drop fixed it for free after I sent them a quick e-mail and also sent me some free stuff, even though I didn't buy the yoyo from them. Their customer service alone makes them the best yoyo company in my eyes.

As far as the quality of their yoyos go, One Drop makes many of my favorites. But in all honesty, any yoyo upwards of $60 isn't going to suck; you can't really go wrong with any high end metal, especially a One Drop.

From my experience, the Code1 has been my favorite so far. We'll have to see what happens when my Burnside arrives....



I love the cascade! Full size, perfect weight. Smooth as can be. Id throw the cascade over any clyw throw anyday!


I’m surprised that there is not more mention of the Dang. As someone who likes classic One Drops such as the Project, Project Two, etc. The Dang is the perfect yoyo. I think it beats all the others hands down. Second place for me is the Code 2.


Yup, I like the Dang a whole lot too, it’s so much fun to play. But then the only ODs I’ve had are an OG Project, 54, Code 1, Dietz, and Dang so… I still really need to try the Code 2 and Cascade.