Rate your OD's


I am just curious how you would rank order your One Drop collection?


I have a beater code 2 and a dietz, and code 2 comes in first :confused:


The only yoyo I have is a One Drop Burnside, so I rank it first. I can only play one yoyo at a time and I don’t compete so I don’t really need more than one. At least it’s a good one! ;D


Cascade, Code 1.5, Code 2, Code 1, Dietz, M1


Cascade, DANG, project, code 1, MN, cafe racer.

Cascade has a huge lead but the others are all close. So close that after the DANG i’d rank them all in 3rd.


What is this code 1.5? I must have missed that one.


What is this code 1.5? I must have missed that one.


Stick your code 1 and code 2 together. You have to mix SEs to get the weight right, and it’s amazing.


So it’s a self made beast or was it store release?


self made.

I haven’t owned many OD’s.

Code 2 - Dietz - Cascade - Dingo - Dang.

I know I’ve used more than that though.


Self made. I believe Zammy came up with it. He introduced it to me. If you have the stuff needed to make it, I highly recommend trying it.


I’m looking into getting the dang!

(DOGS) #13

I don’t currently have any OneDrop yoyos, but I can easily rate the ones that I have owned at one point or another.

  1. Burnside and Y-Factor. I honestly can’t decide, because they’re both great for their own reasons.
  2. Project 1
  3. Project 2. I’ve had two, and they were both great. The original Project wins by a hair because of the response and, honestly, looks.
    1. Didn’t do the trick for me. At all.

  1. Code1-Great performer, floaty, very agile, has SE’s
  2. Markmont Next- solid player, extremely comfortable shape, not to mention it’s beautiful.
  3. Dietz/Dang- two opposite ends of the spectrum but still both great players. Both have SE’s and come stock on the lighter side of the spectrum. One highwall fullsized, one lowwall undersized.

All One Drops are smooth in case you didn’t know. :wink:


I am continually impressed with the play on my cascade everyday. I never knew a YoYo could be so good.


Do you have a list of the necessary stuff (as in the side effects) to make it.

You obviously need an One Drop 1 and 2


1.cascade2.code2 3.code1


1st: Code 2
2nd: Burnside
3rd: Cornside 2(mix of the two. try it, it’s awesome.)

  1. cascade 2. Y-Factor 3. CODE 2: Nautilus 4. markmont.next

That’s all I’ve tried!


Cascade, code two, dingo