Code 2 or cascade?

Boothe seems good. I’m looking for your personal opinion. That may help me!

I like the Cascade because it feels better in my hand. It’s closer to a full size thrown than the code 2. But in the end, they’re both just as smooth playing.

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Just got my Cascade. Gonna be throwing it a lot today. Haven’t played one since BAC and I found it to be amazing.

As far as Code 2: Love it. Love it better with disc side effects. I have one set up stock, the other with Disc side effects.

so which of them would you pick?

Still evaluating. Leaning towards Code 2 with disc side effects. I like the larger size and weight a lot better. Still, the Cascade is no slacker. Amazing in its own right. These two yoyos aren’t a like for like comparison as they play very much different. The Cascade catches a lot of air and seems to lend itself for medium play but can move fast. It’s very agile and comfortable and a very “sexy” shape.

The Code 2 is “manly”. It’s big, mean, and gets the job done very smoothly. Even with the extra weight, it’s still a good mover yet doesn’t play heavy in the least. Fast or slow, it loves to move and keep moving.

Vastly different sizes, weights, weight distribution and profile. Same company, but two completely different yoyos.

Okay I think I buy cascade at the first. And if I like it i will buy code 2 I think. Thanks for your advice! Your answer are awesome.

Hey, I saw this guy on the forum selling a MIB cascade for $86. That’s a good deal! I’ll try to find him and post a link here for you! It’s the zombie Colorway, it’s amazing! And then I did see a guy selling a MIB code 2 for like $40 as well!

I’ve got bad news…the cascade for $86 was sold…

The CODE 2 with any of the side effects is amazing. I’m yet to play a Cascade but I’ve got one arriving tomorrow so I’ll let you know how that goes.


okay tell me wich one you like most!

I like Code2’s MUCH more, but that is just me. Cascades do play nice though, you will love either.

Okay code 2

Just giving you a heads-up. I’m in over my head on trying to do stuff that ties to an event I am doing to try to improve performance of the lighting software being slaved to the video master. I haven’t thrown since Monday and I’ll only be doing some throwing this afternoon because I’m going to a YoLex yoyo event 35 miles away today IF other stuff falls into place.

So, don’t expect an update with my preferences. All I will say is that One Drop makes amazing stuff. The Cascade and Code 2 both use the side effects system, so you can tweak your yoyo relatively easily to get it how you might like it better. However, I’ve been super pleased with stock performance. If I didn’t get the disc side effects, I’d still be super pleased with the Code 2 completely stock. For me, the Code 2 is a better fit. The Cascade is also well received by me. It’s just, I know what I’m going to be reaching for more often, and that’s the Code 2. I like real heavy and full sized. This is an ideal fit for me.

For me CODE2 is my go-to-throw for competitions. So stable, universal and just perfect for competing.

Cascade is my most favorite free-time throw, so fun and relaxing to use it.

Okay thanks guys!

So my Cascade arrived today and after a 15 minute throw session, I’m going to give the nod to the CODE2. Favouritism could swing the Cascade’s way when I try out some different side effects, but straight from the box, the CODE2 would be my pick.


My cuz has a cascade and it plays GREAT!!! I just bought a Code 2 should be coming in the mail soon!! I’ll let you know which one IMO is better


let me know!

Personally I like the code 2 a whole bunch more. Much more stable and fast. I felt the cascade was a bit heavy and the most fun throw to play.