Help me pick a One Drop yoyo!


Primarily I am trying to compare the code 1 and code 2 so please put your opinions and thoughts of each.

But if you have other recommendations in mind, feel free to say so.


The valor! It is a fast throw but you can play it more relaxed. It has become my favorite throw


I’ve played the chik, dietz, rally, summit, and Sakura (if that counts) and my favorite is definitely the summit. It plays floaty and solid at the same time and it’s just amazing and I recommend it. Never played a code 1/2.


The Chik should be a contender. Seems it has gotten lost in the mix lately. I will say, at the risk of sounding like a fanboy, I’ve never thrown an OD I didn’t care for. From your list, I’d probably go Benchmark or Rally. (First choice would be a GZR Code 1, but they aren’t easily found)


Have you tried a cascade? Easily the most unique onedrop I’ve tried


The Chik plays well, but just kinda seems “bland” to me. Nothing too unique or special about it.


I thought the same about the Chik at first, and then suddenly one day it just clicked with me.

That said, Valor or Cascade all the way. Valor for pure performance and yet some nice character… Cascade for personality in spades (I mean, it’s still stable and is really comfortable, but you don’t buy it expecting it to spin longer or be more stable than the Valor).


The Valor. Is the best One Drop. Coming from a guy who’s tried a code 2, cascade, summit, and a few others.

But Out of your list Id say Code 1 if you want something more fun, Code 2 if you want pure performance. Code 2 was just too bland for me though, not a fun yoyo IMO.


Agreed with Andy. Code 1 so much fun. Code 2 more serious. I’d get another Code 2 some day probably… but the Code 1 trumps it IMO.

Regarding the Valor recommendation; it comes after owning these ODs:

Y-factor, Chik, Code 1, Code 2, format:C, Valor, Cascade, Dang, Summit

And spending enough time to remember play characteristics of these:

Rally, Benchmark H, Benchmark O

Valor still pwns all for performance, with Cascade being my favourite for “character”. If you’re not in a rush, you could also wait on the forthcoming Gradient.


Summit is the funnest OD IMO, with the cascade coming 2nd, I’ve played about 10 ODs overall.


Between the code1 and code2 the code 1 is very floaty and the code 2 is more solid, seemes to me it would be the oppisite with the angular rims on the code 1 but after playing them both go with whether you like solid or floaty plays more


I have or have had Sovereign, Summit, Yelets, 54, T1, Rally, Sakura, Dingo, and Code 2.

Depending on what you are looking for they all are good. I don’t have a favorite of the group. They all get thrown fairly often.

I like my Code 2 very much. It is solid and plays very well but it is large.

Whatever you get you will love. If the play is not 100% to your liking then swap the SE’s and completely change it up!


When it comes to One Drop, I have played them all. My personal favorite is the T1.

Since I do not know your skill level I would say go with the Rally. It is a $45 beast of a player. A plastic that plays like a metal and is based on the Code2 design. Don’t let the budget price or the material it is made of fool you. The Rally is not just a great playing plastic, it is a great playing yo-yo. Plus, the white Rallys look slick.


I already have a summit and is it just me or does the benchmark H and CODE 1 look almost exactly the same?

any opinions on the CODE 2?

and im not crazy about the valor. :-\


Benchmark H and Code 1 may have superficial similarities (they are both H yoyos!) but they play NOTHING alike. It would be tough to find two more different yoyos without going way out of similar spec zones.

Don’t like the Valor? For shame! :wink:

Code 2 is great. But it’s solid and serious. Super comfortable on the catch when it comes back to your hand from those powerful spins.


what about waiting for the gradient?


Where’s the DANG option?


He might not be ready for the awesomeness that is the DANG! :wink:


Only if it’s Soda Blasted…(or nickel…)!



Valor is great, so I hear, but for your first One Drop might as well get something with Side Effects to see what they’re all about. In that case i’d say 54 or Code 1. Both have a really special feel to them that doesn’t feel derivative or like anything else.

New run of Dangs about to drop in some absolutely amazing colorways.