Suggest a one drop yoyo.

So in all my time throwing I have never owned a one drop yoyo. I decided that I would like to change that and get one. No preferences really but I would like to try one with side effects.

I have a Summit, Benchmark W, Code 1, and Gradient. The only one I like is Code 1. The Summit plays sloppy and the Gradient and Benchmark is just OK. Code 1 plays like a beast.

How would it compare to other throws in the price range?

Personally I would go with the Markmont.Classic, I really can’t see anyone not liking that yoyo. Certainly has a unique feel about it, and it won the forum vote for “yoyo of the year” last year, so it’s a pretty safe bet. :slight_smile:

That unique feel is something that I am looking for actually, thanks.

valor is the best i think

Code1 and cascade are my favorites. Code 1 is just great, while the cascade has something unique about it

There are a few opinions here already that I disagree with. I have a lot of OD throws and I’ve never had one that I disliked. They all play well and it just depends on your preferences. The T1 is one that I thought I might not like, but I ended up loving it and I play it all the time. Loads of fun and not much else feels like it.

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NathanC, the Valor is hardly behind the times. :wink: And some of their other designs are timeless.

In addition to the Valor, I have a fairly abiding love for the Cascade. I also really like the Markmont Classic. The CODE1 is absolutely phenomenal, too. The Gradient has a smaller but fairly ardent set of supporters.

Lots of great OD yoyos.

If I had to narrow it down, I would say Valor. But since you want Side Effects, it’s between the Cascade and Markmont Classic.

Side effects aren’t nessecary at all, I just would like them.
Actually I’m kinda digging the cascade right now.

Gotta agree that the cascade was my favorite yoyo from them. Bell shape and midsize just felt really good in the hand. Make it midweight and you just have a relaxed and fun throw to mess around with.

Out of all the Onedrops I’ve played I gotta go with the Markmont Classic. It’s fantastic, and since it ships with two different sets of side effects you can change the feel of it drastically whenever you want.

they’re all amazing! You should get a Cascade or a Markmont Classic. The Summit is also really good. Ohhhh and can’t forget about the Valor.