Favorite One Drop?

Mine has to be the code2

I recently ordered a Gradient, it’s going to be my first One Drop. I might as well say it’s my favorite one since it’s my only one!

MarkMont Classic

My TOP 3 One Drops:

In No particular order

  1. MarkMont Classic 2. Valor 3. Benchmark W, and T1!!!

Mine is the Dingo.

Markmont Classic

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The 54 will always have a place in my case :slight_smile:

My top 3

1.) Markmont.Classic
2.) Markmont.Classic
3.) Markmont.Clas… ugh, ok, fine, Valor

T1, nickel plated.

Yelets with brass domes

Well I have all 4 2014 benchmarks in the mail and they will be my first one drops. So one of those lol

I have three OD throws I would rank them:

Markmont Classic
2014 Benchmark V

I would love to see a more rim weighted version of the gradient. I love the shape but wish it was a little more stable for me.

All the people saying Markmont Classic have me psyched to play one. My personal favorite is the CODE1, but the Dang, Dietz and Yelets are also very high up there in my book.

  1. Rally
  2. MarkMont Classic
  3. Cascade


Va— JK

Markmont Classic!

MarkMont. Classic.

Been REALLY wanting the dingo. XD but mine would have to dang cause Paul is a cool dude, and even after a few other owners mine Plays really really well

markmont classic yo

Thanks to you its mine!