Help me pick a new OneDrop

If you look at the picture below, you will see that I have an empty spot in the OneDrop case. Looking for recommendations.

I’ve been trying to decide between a Rebirth, Cascade, Downbeat or Markmont Classic…Or something else I should have providing it has side effects.

Since I can’t make them fight Highlander style (There Can Only Be One!), I need your help choosing.

Thanks ladies and gents!

The picture shows the 2014 Benchmark set, 2013 O and H Benchmarks, Code 2, Summit, Rally and 2 Yelets (love those guys)

For what it’s worth, I consider the Markmont Classic to be one of the best yoyos One Drop has ever put out.

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Markmont classic. Best one drop out there

Conveniently yoyoexpert just received a restock of Classics. The clear is especially good.

The clear are good, but if someone doesn’t buy these green Markmonts I’m going to do it myself!

I was not expecting to see all the same answers from people, I like OD’s and kinda had the same question since I also want a new one…

I understand the finish on the Markmonts Classic is new? is that right? not Pyramatte? Seems like the color is brighter?

I’m inclined to agree. Spent last night playing through all of my Onedrops and when I got to the Markmont.Classic I was like “oh maaaaan”… it just plays so beautifully.

Also, #teamyelets. I think that little fella doesn’t get nearly enough love. I also own 2 of them. :smiley:


I own a markmont classic and it is by far one of my best throws. But the rebirth has a really unique feel that is just beautiful

I am a necromancer of the first order!

I just wanted to thank you all for your recommendation (singular). Lol

Got a MMC today, and I must admit that it’s pretty epic!

Thanks again