One Drop 54 or Benchmark?

I’ve been considering adding a Onedrop to my collection soon and have narrowed down my choices to the 54 and the benchmark O. I like the organic shape of each. I appreciate any feedback on both. (The onedrop downbeat may be in the running as well)

Haven’t played any except for the 54. It was really floaty and I enjoyed playing it.

I’ve also looked at a YYF Cypher which has a slight modified o shape and the yoyofficer crayon. Opions on those are welcome too.

Have you thought about the Markmont Classic? Pretty much the best organic ever made. I would take it all day over the 54 or benchmark O


Bless you my child :smiley:

I have a 54 en route to me as I write this so I can’t make any comment on it yet, but I can speak about my Downbeat…love it to death! If you like heavier organic throws it is great! Plus you really can’t go wrong with One Drop.

The Markmont Classic is about $30-40 more than the other two. Is there a huge difference between it and the downbeat other than weight? How does the markmont beat out the 54?

Finish, performance, weight distribution, IGR.

The Downbeat is a phenomenal yoyo and is my classroom carry when I am at work. That being said the MC is more versatile when it comes to the Side Effects. The Downbeat is 70 grams with the lightest Side Effects that One Drop produces. There is no going lighter if you are just not feeling a heavy throw. The MarkMont Classic gives more wiggle room to tinker and play with different setups.

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Thanks everyone for your opinions! I decided to order the Downbeat in that beautiful clear(blue was a close second). I’ll be sure to let everyone know how it plays once I get some spin time with it. ;D