Favorite one drop yoyo

Trying to figure out which one to try. what is your guys favorite one drop yoyo?

Onedrop M1 for everyday carry.

MarkMont Classic for readily available all around good yoyo.

Project for nostalgia.

MMC and Kuntosh 5k QV, oh and the Cabal.

Hard to choose a favorite out of those three.

Markmont, Benchmark O, Parlay, Dang2 in that order.

I would agree with this except I haven’t thrown a MMC yet. So my list is Prescription, Benchmark O, Parlay, Dang2.

I can’t say I’ve tried them all, not even close really. My favorites in order of release are the Project, the Burnside, the Rally, the MarkMont Classic, and the Rebirth. I haven’t tried a Parlay yet or else I bet it would be on there. I’ve read great things about their latest, the DANG2. You might just want to try that.

I only have the Benchmark “O” but I really do like it.


Nobody yet has answered the OP’s question, haha

He asked, ‘What’s your favorite One Drop yoyo’.

He didn’t ask for a list of favorites.

And it would seem hobbyman had an actual answer. But since he only has 1 One Drop yoyo; it’s kinda hard to constitute an accurate answer.

It’s like saying, ‘Well, I know there are 100 flavors of ice cream but I only have vanilla so it’s my favorite’.

… I’ll throw in an answer just for fun… I have a few dozen One Drop yoyo’s.

My favorite one is the Kraken.

Probably the most under rated yoyo on the 3rd planet from the sun.

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For the purpose of clarity to the question at hand.

Onedrop Affogato de Lo Tiempo M1. It’s pocket friendly, challenges my skills, and it’s beautiful.

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It really depends on what you are into.
They have arguably the most diverse catalogue of any of the bigger brands.

However, their most universally loved throw is probably the Top Deck.
It’s just good at everything.

I also highly recommend the QV, but again, your personal preferences are what it will really come down to.

Also, I have to admit that I always throw a centering bearing in there.

How does the Kuntosh 5000qv compare to the Top Deck?

They are both good IMO. It depends on the shape you like better.
They both have good power to weight, but I do like the more matte finish of the QV.

The M1 hands down.

GZR 54.



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Own the 2014 Benchmark V, CODE 2, Gauntlet & Topdeck. It’s hard, but either CODE 2 or Benchmark V.