Best OneDrop releases in their catalog, 2007 - 2018?


Smiley made me think … what are the best One Drop releases?

One Drop’s stuff is so reliably great, but there are still outliers one way or the other. If you had to rank the entire One Drop catalog, what order would you put them in… and what would you say is their best? Here’s the full history of releases in chronological order:

2007 - 2009

  • Project (2007)
  • MM Project (2008)
  • M1 (2008)
  • Project 2 (2009)
  • Dingo (undersized, 2009)


  • Sovereign (Ti)
  • Y Factor
  • MM Next
  • 54


  • Wooly MM
  • Code 1
  • Dietz
  • CafeRacer (undersized)
  • Dang
  • Burnside


  • Code 2 (2012)
  • Cascade (2012)


  • Yelets
  • Sakura SE
  • Summit
  • Chik!
  • Rally (plastic)
  • Format:C


  • Valor
  • T1
  • Gradient
  • Markmont Classic
  • Summit


  • Downbeat
  • Citizen (Ti)
  • Rebirth
  • Terrarian
  • Vanguard


  • Gauntlet
  • Top Deck
  • Kuntosh
  • Cabal (Delrin)
  • Marquis
  • Prescription
  • Kraken


  • Kuntosh 5000QV
  • Mantis
  • Parlay
  • Dang2
  • Deep State


  • SK
  • Overture
  • VTWO
  • Eclipse


  • Fire Devil

(I excluded benchmarks here.)

I have not tried all these but I’ve tried a lot. Much of their 2010 and earlier stuff I have definitely not picked up, though I do have Cascade, Summit, Code 2, Dang1, 54. Of this list, I’d pick a top “clearly their best releases” as follows… not in any particular order, mind you:

  • MC aka MMC (2014)
  • Kuntosh / QV (2016/2017)
  • Top Deck (2016)
  • Terrarian (2015)
  • Deep State (2017)

I feel like quite a number of earlier models are clearly subsumed by later designs which took those concepts and unambiguously improved on them, like Dang → Dang 2, Code 2 → Terrarian, Cascade → Top Deck, Format C → VTWO for example.

As for the 2018 and 2019 releases … I dunno. I am not feeling Overture, Eclipse is fun but not exactly essential, SK is … well, it’s the SK… I might venture that VTWO could eventually be considered one of their best? I avoided this one because I find plain Vs kinda boring but I’ve heard very good things from a lot of folks.


I will admit also kinda have a grudge against releases that don’t support the Side Effects system. I frickin’ love Side Effects both from an aesthetic and technical standpoint.

You’ll note that zero 2018 releases supported side effects :expressionless: and neither does the first release of 2019.

({John15}) #3

No particular order:

  • Top Deck
  • Parlay
  • Kuntosh
  • Markmont Classic

I haven’t played a ton of their yo-yos, but these are absolutely rock-solid designs and are arguably some of the best in the market. Legendary, if you will

Cabal and Prescription are honorable mentions.

I’d still like to try a Rebirth, since it’s basically the latest and possibly final model in the project lineup. Seems like they really got that design dialed in nice and tight.

(ZAC) #4

I don’t think there can be a definitive order seeing as it is based on preference. I only have 6 one drops, and of those my favorite is definitely the Overture. Second being Kuntosh. As of late, I don’t care for the Terrarian at all, aside from it looking really, really cool.

I think I would love the Parlay and Markmont Classic if I get my hands on one someday tho.


Terrarian is an absolute sales monster though. It literally changed the game, thanks to its association with er… the actual Terrarian game. More than 55 different colorways were released! I also think it’s also an outstanding W shape design.


Valor, Format:C, Top Deck, Summit, Cascade, and MC are my favorites. Would like to try a VTWO and Kuntosh QV

(Carson Reid) #7

I love a lot of the older onedrop stuff, so I’d have to order it

Sakura SE
Code 1
Code 2


Deep State
MarkMont Next
Top Deck

(ClockMonsterLA) #9

I thought the VTWO was the updated Valor (both being Kiss signatures). Is this not true? The Format:C has yet to be subsumed since there is no other pure W-shaped yoyo being made by them at this time (that I’m aware of).


54 and cabal are tied for my favorites. Code1 is up there too but I’m biased because I was lucky enough to get a tester prototype.

(Jim Honaker) #11

I believe I have a healthy One Drop collection now. Gradient, Parlay, Top Deck (coming tomorrow), VTWO, Kuntosh, Markmknt Classic, Deep State, 2016 Benchmark V and O. I have considered the Terrarian. However, I thought it was cery similar to the Kuntosh. How do they compare, is there a benefit to having both?


So you can #buymoreyoyos!


Oh no Terrarian is radically different from Kuntosh

(The Yo mast3r) #14

Out of the 4 Onedrops I own:

  • 1: Gauntlet/Topdeck
  • 2: Code 2
  • 3: Benchmark V 2014

(Tim) #15

No particular order:
Dang 1