onedrop Presents the VALOR

Signature yoyo of team member and Hungarian National Champion, Vilmos Zoltan Kiss.


More details to come.

Soooo good!!!

Lookin good! No Side Effects?

Vilmos is a really nice guy it was good to meet him and you at the shop!

3 straight releases without Side Effects! :open_mouth:

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Meeting you guys was awesome. Glad Vilmos has a signature now.

I like the look of this throw a lot. On this design, I am not missing the SE’s. It reminds me of the YYR Acrophobia a bit; Solid, lots of rim weight.


Well, technically one. Format C: and VALOR have not come out yet. ;D

The Chik had Side Effects.

Keep in mind One Drop works very closely with their players when it comes to signature series yo-yos. Looks like Vilmos went for a different approach than his European teammate, Igor.

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Gosh y’all are really pumping these things out, and they all look brilliant. Are you trying to make our wallets explode?

You mean implode. Explosions occur when too much pressure builds up inside an object. The sudden vacuum caused by One Drop’s rapid removal of money from our wallets will cause them to implode.

No. The explosion is caused by the money leaving at high speed.

oMg! I want one! :o

Yeah, that works as well. :slight_smile:

Seriously. I’m going to die… I now have to buy
For an estimated value of…
$350… Which I cannot afford :dizzy_face:

Ommagod! It’s so sexy! Will it be at worlds?

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Vilmos will have some on him! Ask him to try it out!

Chik = check!
Rally = check!
Format :C and VALOR = not check

I need these two. They both look so great.

The steps in the profile remind me of the Yeah3.

I don’t like V shape too much…

Might just end up going with the Format C.

Definitely getting this one. Not sure if I can afford this and a format c, but a man can always dream! :slight_smile:

I’m not missing out on this or format C. It looks like another amazing throw from One Drop.

I definitely will!