onedrop Presents the VALOR

You guys are going crazy!!! The rally, the chik, the format c, and now the Valor!!! I want them all!!!

If anyone wants to try these at Worlds come and say hi to me. I’ll have one you can all try :slight_smile:


Looking to be new best One Drop for contest.

One Drops recent releases are some of the best looking yoyos I’ve seen in a long time. Gonna have to get a few of them. I can’t put my Rally down, and honestly, I don’t want to. The thing is crazy good.

Couldn’t agree more, I love my Rally to bits. The Chik is absolutely fantastic as well, OD really know what they’re doing.

This YoYo looks amazing!

Ooh, I thought I was going to get the summit. I guess I can wait a bit longer! ::slight_smile:

Why wait? Get that one as well. :slight_smile:

I am really grooving on the clear ano VALOR. That is such a slick look.

Me too. Usually, I’m not a huge fan of raw/clear anodized yoyos, but recently, they’ve been growing on me. This yoyo looks amazing clear anodized! (So does the new Superstar, on a related note)

I like the clear anodized one more then the yellow/gold so far. Looks like I play with a yoyo made of silver. They’ll be color anodized for production for sure.

IMO Onedrop has 5 of the best releases this year. CLYW is doing well also with summit and yeti…

But for OD
4. Format:C

Seriously I plan to get all of these. Wish me luck finding cash. On topic now, The clear ano on the Valor is incredibly sexy…

A clear ano version with a bright red splatter would look great. Could call it the serial killer edition. :slight_smile:

The Dexter

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I’m not downing OD or anything I love there throws but how can you put the Valir and Format C on that list if you haven’t played one for more than a short period is time or not at all?

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By the design. All look a lot like stuff I love. V shapes, angular…

One Drop brings it again… This looks absolutely stunning, I love the shape and the look is so slick. The silver is soo breathtaking!

Could this be a cheaper affordable metal?

Looking good One Drop!

They are plowing through designs! Who needs side effects? GIVE IT TO ME.

the shape on this looks soooooo good. So does that Gold ano, I’ll just take that one lol. I like the shape, I hope it has minimum engravings to take away from it. As much as I like the Chik, it has the busiest engraving. Keep it simple, no side effects, minimal if any engravings. just a great yoyo that performs.

I almost said that but Crucial already called the splash on one of their metals “The Dexter”. Maybe call this one “The Norman”.