One Drop Prototype Announced

Another yoyo!

Oo… looks purdy


Agreed. Loving that raw ring. Looks to have nice rim weight.


That thing looks great to me!!!

Pure copper

Doesn’t look like it uses side effects. +1


I am now much, much less likely to buy thing yoyo now.

Still looks amazing though. Kinda looks like there is a weight ring.

Love the profile. Wannnnnnt…

Edit: Actually, It kinda looks like a Code 2 minus the groove rings.

Hmmm Perhaps!

to me it seems closer to a burnside as it curves a bit

Yeah I was thinking its an exact code 2 minus grooves. Possibly mixed w/ burnside, but cant tell much from the pics.

That is reaaly sweet

This looks like a yoyo that I can get excited about. :slight_smile:

I wish there were more pictures, but from what I can see, the rims look like they have the weight that I crave. That it does not use SE’s could be a design decision. If the idea is to make an extreme rim-weighted yoyo the weight of the SE’s is might better put on the rim.

I also totally dig that anodized/machined look. Very elegant.

That’s a good looking yo-yo. Might have to invest in one when they drop.

This is really confusing. It seems like in order to cut costs, they didnt put in side effects. However, that polished ring will cost extra money. This doesnt make any sense if you want to make a budget yoyo.


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How do you guys know there arnt side effects there could be ultra lights that you can’t see?

Because you can see the axle hole is connected to the yoyo.


Love that copper with the polished (raw?) ring… gorgeous.

There could be side effects there. They’d just have to be the same colour as that copper and you wouldn’t really be able to tell from that image.

true, but it looks like one piece.

This is not a Side Effect yoyo. The post is entirely wrong for an SE enabled yoyo.

Well, you’re way at the top of the list of people who would know just on sight, so I will defer to you. :slight_smile: