Manufactured by One Drop


Lately there has been alot of yoyos manufactured b One Drop, but not One Drop branded. Examples are: Victory by Eternal Throw, Chupacabra by RAyoyos, Nessie, Albatross, Wrath by Deadly Spins, and probably even more. I also know they manufacture some of CLYW’s yoyos. What do you think of this?

(Owen) #2

I think that if other yoyo companies want to support One Drop, then by all means they should.


One Drop is boss at making yoyos. I’m glad that they’re doing it!

Also, as I understand it, the guys who run One Drop already owned a machine shop before they got into the yoyo business, so they have the equipment to get things done.

(YoYoStringLab) #4

Defray equipment costs. Develop expertise. Access for designers. High quality yoyos for players. Win, win, win, win.


Okay I think I can see why people would go with OD. I also think it lets people know that the yoyo will be of high quality.


If One Drop aren’t busy pumping out their own amazing designs, I think it’s great that other companies are getting them to do their machine work. Speaks very highly of how well people regard the quality of their workmanship and keeps the money flowing between releases.



I think I may be the only one who disagrees :stuck_out_tongue:

I kinda don’t like the fact that other companies are having yoyo’s made by One Drop. It feels like if I play with a Clyw or something, I’m actually playing with a One Drop yoyo…

I guess what I’m trying to say is, when a yoyo is made by a machining company that a company like Clyw first started using when the company was first founded shows the quality of the product.

For example, when I play with my Chief that was made in Canada and my other Chief that was made by One Drop, I can really feel a difference between the two.

Just my opinion


Are they different weights? There are several different runs with different weights ranging from 65 to 67 grams i think.


Because of the precision nature of yoyos, a normal machine shop may not understand the necessity for such tight tolerances, even when you explain it to them.

One Drop seems to have this all figured out, which is apparent in their own designs. They definitely take their expertise and translate that to the designs from other companies.

I’d say, “keep it in on the inside” as much as possible. Eventually, some other shops will crop up that can do the same work to the same level of quality as One Drop. There’s no avoiding that. But until then, I think it’s great that the One Drop shop is being kept busy making high quality items that people are really enjoying.


Yoyos are all in the design. Most companies do not own a machine shop, they hire a machinist to manufacture them for them. OD is the only company I know of that actually owns a shop. Ten Yoyo? Alvin Rollins. Slithering Hippo? Alvin Rollins. Lots of small companies? OD. CLYW does not own thier own shop. They hire a machinist, a machine shop, in Canada.


I think in the case of OneDrop - it is more like a machine shop that owns a yoyo company :slight_smile:


I think OD is smart, they’re making money selling yoyos, and off of other company’s service

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ONE DROP is beast dats why


I can’t afford CNC mills…


So maybe it is more of a cost thing.

My surprise is in the fact that only recently have I noticed all these new companies. Only in the last 1-2 months.


It’s not really so much that its a cost thing, although they do work reasonably. There aren’t too many other places you can go where the people know what they are doing. With onedrop, the process is smooth and simple. There’s no worry that the yoyo will turn out extremely vibey or any of those things.
Plus they have a shop dog.


We all know the real reason is because of the shop dog. Your cover is blown. ;D :wink:


I think Ernie at General-Yo now is a certified machinist(so Ill assume he has his own CNC equipment)

(DOGS) #19

I think it’s a good thing they’re doing, not only because they can serve as a launchpad for ideas that otherwise might not have had the opportunity to be be made, but also that OneDrop can manufacture yoyos without having to worry about actually selling them later, since the partner handles that. It’s pretty safe business.

(Jerrod) #20