Favorite Yo-yo Manufacturer?

Hey all!

Haven’t seen a post like this recently so thought I’d start this discussion today. What is your favorite yo-yo manufacturer and why? The one that you wait for every release for, own the most of, recommend to anyone etc.

Mine would be One Drop. There are a ton of reasons why I personally love them and their throws.

-They’re all machined and hand tested right here in the USA when most every other company goes to China to mass produce. (There is nothing wrong with yoyos made in China, I own my fair share, but there IS a quality difference in my humble opinion.)

-Every throw they release has a unique feel and play to them.

-They’re smooth as butter every single time.

-They have some of the best colorways and anodizing of any company out there.

-Shawn and David (owners of One Drop) are two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet in the community and truly care about their product and the quality.

Lets hear your guys’!


Same here. One Drop. They have made more of my favorite models than any other brand.


I would agree on One-Drop with essentially the same reasoning.

One-Drop is how I learned about the CNC Industry when I was young. They are likely one of the largest reasons I am in the career I am in, and hence why I put so much attention into the craftsmanship of each piece I touch. Its the craftsmanship that makes it special to me, makes it exciting.


One Drop
One Drop
One Drop


This is super cool, can I pick your brain a little more on what you do? I’m interested in that kinda thing as well (although I’m in IT lol)

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Might as well make this a One Drop appreciation thread.

What’s not to love? Great throws made by great people. I probably wouldn’t even be here if not for their decision to partner with Re-Logic (Terraria).


This thread is full of One Drop people, love that so much lol. Ill add and make my top 3 favorite manufacturers list:

  1. One Drop
  2. G-Squared
    3.General Yo

Literally almost for the same reasons listed above for One Drop.


It’s looking like a One Drop appreciation thread for sure lol. They’re just fantastic, you can just see and feel the work that goes into each one of them.


I have to say c3 design! The krown is currently my favorite yoyo I own with the speedahlic xx in a close second. They are just so dead smooth, amazing spin time. They both out preform many of my over $50 throws. That all being said I don’t own any one drops and I desperately want one after seeing so much love for them.


I’m opposite here I have heard a lot of good things about C3 but don’t own one, gotta change that! Yes you need a One Drop, I believe YYE has 1-2 releases still in stock and One Drops website has a couple as well I think! You will notice the quality in the first throw and never look back lol


Totally forgot to mention, I have an orange One Drop Thorn coming in the mail today and I’m soooo incredibly stoked. It’s been awhile since I’ve actually gotten a throw that’s been released within the last few months lol


One Drop, G2, and YoyoFriends.

I love One Drop because they are their own manufacturing shop that specializes completely on what they do best, yoyos. I love this personally because I work for a loudspeaker manufacturer that makes as much as we can in house (that includes our amplifiers, processors, and our control software). supporting many local downstream suppliers and generating value for the American economy throughout their local vendors.

I love G2 because the yoyos are incredible, and I love how open Jake is about his process and the contributions he brings for the community in the forms of weekly content, news about the greater yoyo world including contest announcements, trick tutorials, design insights, and the way he handles everything himself. I love that commitment to the craft, and to his own personal ethos that drives his business. It also helps that its another American made brand.

I love Yoyofriends for most of the same reasons I love One Drop. They may not be an American company, but they take full control over their manufacturing processes and come out with some of the best yoyos around. I love how involved they are in the community, even offering cool reward programs through their FB Community. They are also super committed to the yoyo world at large, and from what I’ve seen watching videos it seems they sponsor and attend just about every contest they know about.


Seems you and I have the same tastes when it comes to how we like our throws made! Which Yoyofriends would you recommend right now? Don’t have one so I should get on that soon


I’ve been eyeballing those legendary terraria and bts for the panarama. Also might hold out for the top deck run so many choices :rofl:


Free Solos coming soon, too (no pressure)

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Honestly it depends on what you like. Their line up has grown immensely over the last year or so, and I don’t think yo can go wrong. Honestly I’m just patiently waiting for YYF’s take on a modern responsive yoyo.


Sometimes I feel like one of the only people who just doesn’t care for One Drop that much. They make very high quality stuff, and have machined some of my favorite yoyos from other brands, but One Drop just really doesn’t have many designs I actually want to play.

Japan Technology, Mowl, CLYW, C3, and Duncan alone make up pretty much my entire yoyo collection. So I’d say they’re my favorites, all for different reasons.



All good eggs


One drop you say? I’ve heard of them…
They do those flat bearings right? Kidding, OD is great.
But not my favorite.
I’ll leave FTY and MonkeyfingeR out of this because I’m biased, but I’ll say Ray is probably the best human being i know and MFD are among the best monometal and THE BEST ANOS! I deff got my bots ready for the next drop😉.

I’ve loved ZEROGRAVITY from the beginning. I think jorge is very creative and loves to take a risk with designs. Diffrent, unique and so much fun to throw!

I’ll assume we are also asking about current manufacture… i would be a lier if i said anything other then Motion_YoYo. 3 protos i have, all bimetal, Perpetual (H shape and sold out) Centrifugal (M shape predrop is sold out, but will be available) and Kinetic ( V shape unrealesed yet). @JEA86 is the contact/ owner and I’m sure you guys know him from BST, and Throwers Lounge. Jeremy is amazing to talk yoyo design with, if nothing else reach out and ask him why he do that voodoo he do soooo well. Seriously every time i an throwing a Motion_YoYo i can here my G2 SSs crying.


To each their own! I love CLYW as well (hard to not),
Duncan within the last several years has had some of the most underrated throws on the market I think. I’ve said somewhere before that the Windrunner might be the best budget throw in its price range, and the Grasshopper GTX is easily one of my favorite throws and was my first bimetal.