Why is One Drop making everyone else's yo-yos?


Sakura, Summit, G-Squared. Why are they making other companies yoyos and who makes those companies yoyos when One Drop doesn’t?


Well, the Sakura and the Summit were a collaboration.


Ok the Sakura and Summit were collaborations. So OD had a hand in designing them. They just machine the yo-yo’s for G^2 and people like Deadly SpINS. They don’t design them. They do this because they have experience machining yo-yo’s thus making it a little safer. One Drop machines entire runs for those companies. ILYY and CLYW have other machine shops due to the fact that are a little larger companies.


Because One Drop is known for their expertise in machining yoyos. Also, the machines used are very expensive (as in, thousands of dollars) and they take a lot of special skill to use.


One Drop machines like 89% of the yoyos on this website.



Not really… I can really only name a few companies that are machined by One Drop. G Squared, One Drop, and Eternal Throw. Don’t go throwing out facts without a little research.


Hmm, did my friend give me false info. Doubt it, maybe 75%…

That’s of the people you know…

What about ILYY and other brands…


Because they’re really darn good at it.

Machining yoyos takes a unique skillset, which One Drop is able to offer relatively cheaply to other yoyo companies.


I think the other reason people go to One Drop is because they can get some sort of feedback on whether their design is actually going to work.



I thought ILYY throws were machined in Europe? (Germany maybe) Off the top of my head, One Drop, G2, Eternal Throw, and Toxic(? Maybe?) are the only ones I can think of that are machined by OD. I think there may be a few more, but I highly doubt it amounts to 75% of the companies/yoyos on this site.


Don’t CLYW have some runs done by One Drop as well?



ILYY are machined in Europe… Only the Sakura SE was done by One Drop and as it has been mentioned in the thread was a colab… There is NO way that 75% of the yoyos at YYE are done my One Drop… OD ONLY does the Chief, AC and Canvas for CLYW… So the Puffin, Cliff, Ava, BvM2 and the rest are done by Canadian machine shops…

YYF are not
YYJ are not
Gen Yo are not
SD are not
Duncan are not
SPYY are not

Then there are all the Japanese companies (YYR, Turning Point etc…)
AND all the Other US brands…

Eternal throw has made one yoyo as has DS (so far) and Toxic…


Oh yeah, I forgot that OD machines a few of CLYW’s throws. But yeah, there are a lot of places companies go to for machining, I don’t know where somebody would get the idea that the majority of yoyos on this site are machined by them.


By the way Foxland Precision machines throws for other companies. I think they machine for Spin Dynamics.


Because we like to help out our friends.


Did this same “friend” give you the “NEW YYJ PROTOTYPE”…


They do not. Spin Dynamics yoyos are machined locally in Western MA.

(G2 Jake) #19

One drop has more experience than the other machine shop I have access to. I feel safer using one drop to machine my G2 yoyos and its easier to work with them because they know the yoyo lingo.

Also one drop has the machines and its better for them if the machines are running to make money. If its making their yoyos or someone else’s. the less downtime for the machines the better.

One Drop makes other companies yoyos, not just the ones that have informed the public who machines their yoyos.


if I can, I would also pick one drop to machine my yoyo.

Not all machine shop or CNC operator understand this unique precision toys that we all love.