I recently started yoyoing again into unresponsive… I have been yoyoing for about 13 years so instantly I picked up the “new” tricks fast… ANYWAYS WHAT I HAVE NOTICED with yoyos from popular bloated company’s to the smaller named company’s…

  1. if your going to spend 50.00$ on a yoyo you actually want something thats worth 50 bucks it’s your money… you want something that fits you thats designed well and easy to maintain and not something that if it breaks you cry and get mad…

I recently spent around 300.00$ getting use to NEW company’s reading peoples thoughts about yoyos reviews on youtube etc etc and put thought into each dollar that I spent before just PRESSING BUY NOW…

What I have noticed is that the smaller company’s produce a better yoyo… Im not saying or bashing big company’s brand names etc. But what I have noticed is that im more happy with a USED Spin Dynamics Smooth move… Then a 135$ hot pink hot rod (not going to say brand name) but you know what im talking about… I noticed that the smaller the company is the more effort they put into production and perfection and DETAIL… Now im not saying “Spin Dynamics” is a small company but Ive noticed if you really start talking to a collector that wants to see you with best yoyo because your good they tell you “ya you can go with mainstream but look at this” simple sleek sleep time weight everything.

If you have read this far please excuse typos and I’ll be reviewing the “Puffin 2” mighty 100$+ yoyo everyone wants and ima BEAT the heck out of it for 3 hours straight and then tell you what i think…

I do understand that the general target of sales is to age group 10-16 years of age so mostly its Parents that take the beating in the wallet so. Actually before going out impulsive buy 125$ toy that your kid is going to slam around then get bored of actually make them make the right purchase decision on facts.

periodically I will check this topic and watch update it etc. I know alot of people get mad when you throw what you THINK around and there observational learning of whats real is in question when you tell them that it doesn’t cost that much to make a yoyo it only cost that much to buy the machines to produce them on large scale.



Welcome back to the wonderful world of yoyoing! Unresponsive play is great isnt it. :smiley:

To a few points you raised:

Onedrop make all their own yoyos by hand, in house. Can’t really put in more effort than that. They also machine a lot of CLYW’s new models to the same standards.

What is that, like 2 CLYWs or 3 YYF’s? You can’t really judge every company on earth based off that. The people on these forums with collections going up into the 10s of thousands of dollars (Stickman, I’m looking at you…) would be in a better position to make that call.

At any rate, no yoyo should be judged based on the company it comes from. Each yoyo should be judged as it’s own entity and under it’s own merit.

Granted, Yoyofactory makes a lot of their models in China, in huge batches. Obviously they aren’t going to put in the same attention to detail as General Yo.

…However, that being said, the Galaxy Proton is still THE SMOOTHEST throw I have ever owned, despite being made in china. So again, each yoyo must be considered seperately.


Can you explain this further?
I am very curious about their making of their yoyos by hand?
Maybe my thinking of the meaning “by hand” is off but I was under the impression by hand meant a yoyo completely done without the aid of computer machinery, like a wood turned yoyo made by hand, or delrin, etc.
And as far as I had known, I thought onedrop used machinery and computer technology.


They use CNC mills, just they have their own machine shop instead of exporting the work to somewhere else.


They have incredibly high quality standards and don’t have the stamp that reads: Made in China. They do use computers but every yoyo is hand assembled, hand tested, and shipped away with care.


David whittles each one using a very sharp knife and a potters wheel. Paul Dang operates the foot pedal.

What Nikolai said.


…and Shawn just sits around supervising… :slight_smile:



There is definitely a misconception about how automated CNC work is. There is a tremendous amount of hand work and human labor that goes into every yoyo we make.


He plays them sweet melodies on the Ukelele as they work, to up team morale. A happy workforce is a productive workforce. ;D


I’m trying to get a lathe right now for that very reason buddy


I’m actually glad to see a manf responding WELP GANG!

I threw the PUFFIN 2 for 3 hours LOL its average I gues I didn’t really modify anything just out of box unresponsive

THE MAIN QUESTION WOULD I PAY ASKING PRICE?   :-[NO I wouldn’t I would try to trade for it if you must really want it tops id pay for this yoyo would be 65$…

7/10 yoyo

My modified Skeel Stalker 2 in my mini crop photo still best throw i’ve own out of 10…

Will5234 = Skype to watch Live 1-2 hour video stream of testing yoyos if sponsor sends more…

I’ll release my 3 weeks progress of unresponsive video just song being adding in and edited




Just curious: am I Big Name or Small Name?


Well whats your brand name


One Drop


I have a M1 you guys made… I seen your shop looks like your using machines now… SO FAR the only one i’ve tested with was the M1 not going to throw under bus but for 60$ a yoyo no I wouldnt pay that for it.

I herd allot of good things from One Drop and I show highest respects for the company If you wish to have me test prototype let me know I enjoy that i’m 30 year old that doesn’t ding yoyos lol

Yes you are considered SMALL but your growing just remember basics SLEEK PERFECTION weight and ALWAYS stick to basics then you will always be #1 in my book


I assume you have to square a peice of stock aluminum on a old school mill machine then put it in the vice or chuck of the CNC mill, zero the corner or the center, run the program then wait for the cycle to complete. Then drill, ream, and tap for the axle (probably the hardest part to do perfectly because the slightest imperfection in the tapping job could cause vibe). The other hard part is definetly the drafting and translating the draft into an efficient, effective program for the CNC mill. I could just imagine how tedious writing the program cycle for a yoyo is because the weight has to be accurate to the design


Well we use lathes and there are two separate machining operations. The first is more automated in that we use a bar feeder to push the bar and start on the next part. We still have to measure and adjust on a regular basis, keep coolant topped off, clean chips and monitor everything. The second operation requires hand checking every single half. And this is just the machining part. Every step of the way we are handling the parts right up until assembly and every single yoyo that we make gets hand strung and tested.


getting coolant cough yet brah? LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

I ran Machines for 4 years for kel-tec company

Gotta measure each one if its in reasonable decimal range every and change out the bits after bout 30-50 runs. lalala usally dont gotta refill coolant till end of 8 hour shift

Input Axis decimals = easy tho usaly dont have to do it unless you change a drill bit out


Are you telling One Drop how to make their yo-yos?

Also just because yo-yos spin well and stuff doesn’t mean they’ll appeal to throwers. Also if I read correctly, your just getting into unresponsive? Some of your opinions might be a little biased against highwalled throws.


First off theres more then one small company then ONE-DROP… unless your are just blind one of the two

second off what people look for sometimes small companys try to make there yoyo’s LOOK like hot selling ones to play keep-up with company’s that mass produce… as I quote myself PERFECTION sleek and being the best in my book quires then not to stray from there main idea of a yoyo but make it better WATCH the bigger company’s but yet keep there same design dont add flashy colors to it name it a animal put el-tucan sam on it NOTHING just ONE DROP boom here it is sleek basic perfection…

Thats what makes them sell so well