Project 2 or Frantic?

stick to what is…

SUPER famous?.. and what everyone has?..


WELL known?.. But slightly under recognized?..

P2 and Onedrop allll the way ;D

Which shape do you like more?

its not really about me… i just wanna hear people’s opinions…

That Frantic has A really attractive shape;In my oppinion…
And i’m not quite sure about the Project 2,since I haven’t seen it yet,but I hear it’s not much different;Weight distibution,wider gap ect…
Anyone care to inform me a little more?
And some pics if possible would be nice…

Just like no yoyo is better then another, no company is better then another.


Well said…

Here are the best pics I could Find-
The Frantic:
The Project 2:

i know i know… PREFERENCE… hahaa!


i just WANT TO HEAR peoples OPINIONS!!!

jeeze… is that too much to ask for?.. : /

exactly. this is a great example of what im looking for. lol xDD

Sorry, but you’re going to have to allow me to ramble for a bit.

I’ve seen this question asked multiple times, “Which is better, One Drop or YoyoFactory?” This isn’t even a question about preference. Common sense comes more into play. Let’s run a comparison, shall we? I think that’s a good idea.

YoyoFactory: Around twenty yoyos produced, ranging from firedog until Catch-22.
Most popular retailing yoyo of all time: FAST 201
Extreme amounts of quality control, customer service, product condition, innovation.
Hubstacks. 'Nuff said.
Ben is really cool.
A pro team featuring two world champions and a whole bunch of other really cool people.
Adjustable and SOS response.
B-Grade Concept
Project Red Alert
A whole bunch of other stuff I’m forgetting

One Drop: Three yoyos released.
They look nice.

Really, honestly, legitimately, its no comparison. YYF is probably one of, if not the best yoyo companies currently in existence. Their quality, creativity, and innovation is unmatched. Also, their mammoth size is insane! Before YYN changed their format, the YYF page went onto three pages with all of their special editions and incredible releases. One Drop? Meh. Fades.

Again, preference is obsolete. I hated the 888. Its true. But YYF is just so incredible, that they can supply me with oodles of yoyos I like. I like em big. They got the 401, VK, G5, and Superstar for me. One Drop can’t supply me with something full size. A company being held in such a high degree should be able to cater to the needs of any player.

Oh yeah, YYF can do that.


Thanks for the pics Titanium…
And for the Props Teejay! :wink:
Heck,let the Rabbling begin!
Xdohl;That was awesome,5 stars…

XDOHL! best reply ive seeen so far… in this topic thing… haha!!
thanks man! :]

Left out a lot under One Drop…

Bute yea, YYF is the bigger company with the bigger variety of yoyos. You can’t really say that YYF makes ‘better’ yoyos than One Drop, but they make more different yoyos. I hang out on the One Drop forums, and the guys at One Drop do want to make a bigger variety of yoyos in the future, but this will not be an instant change. I remember David saying something like this:

“We are going to give you a wider variety of yoyos in the future, but this kind of change needs time. So we will just keep on giving you good, reasonably priced yoyos from now on.”

I don’t think that was his exact words, but it is something in that area. People want One Drop to make more yoyos, but read the words of David Metz. One Drop will keep on giving you good yoyos, which is the important part. And I really give honor to One Drop for building up slowly with designs that aren’t too advanced (not JAZZ-Yo).

In the end, does it really matter what company makes the yoyo? Are you really looking for the best company? I think that one should just buy the yoyo you like the most, regardless of the company. Of course, quality control and customer service is important, but most (not all) companies have decent customer service.


The P2s did sell out pretty fast. We are not talking about Sebastian Brock Peak fast, but it is still fast. I wouldn’t call it slightly under recognised.

Its true, One Drop hasn’t released nearly as many yoyos as YYF. But every single one of One Drops yoyos have been smash hits, right? The M1 and Projects are some of the best selling yoyos on the entire market. This begs the question, is quantity over quality? YYF’s yoyos are also very high quality, but they had to release many more yoyos than One Drop did to become a classic. Just think, If one Drop had around 50 yoyos, think how much better their image would be than YoyoFactory’s. I personally think that One Drop is a better company overall.

That might be true. But that hasn’t happened. So we can’t know, can we?

And its not quantity that matters. Its variety. You could take any yoyoer on this planet and find them a YYF yoyo that is right for them and their budget. Not so much with One Drop.

And what innovation has One Drop brought us? Ok, the M1 is well done with its low price. Its a shame that we already have B-Grades to cover our inexpensive metals, and the DV888, Hectic, and Frantic.

The Hex-Nut design? I give credit where its due. A very good idea indeed.

YYF: Fully Adjustable Starburst Technology, over 200 response settings to choose from. Hubstacks. SOS. The idea of taking a concept like dials and being able to apply it to three different price ranges. The idea of a no limits yoyo design to bring the very best there is. The G5’s incredible shape.

I still don’t see a comparison.

Again, it is about the yoyo, not the company that makes it. It is kinda obvious that you can’t love every single YYF yoyo to the fullest because they are so different from eachother. If the 888 is your favorite yoyo, I doubt that you will like the G5 as much as the 888. Don’t buy companies, buy yoyos. Unless you are a fanboy of some company that is.

Addment: Again, don’t buy a yoyo because you like the company, buy it because you like the yoyo.

The quote is getting obnoxiously long.

I agree, buying by company is not the best route. I stopped buying YYF (made an exception for the DV888) because they were crowding me up. This is just a question over which one is better.

If someone asked me if I like The Who or Bruce Springsteen better, I would say that I like The Who more. But I still like to listen to Bruce Springsteen! Its sort of like that.

Didn’t the M1 come before the DV888, Hectic, and Frantic? And if I’m not mistaken before the idea of B-Grades as well? Just pointing that out.

B-Grades came first, then the m1, then the fundamentals.